8 Romantic Anime Figures That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we think you should keep the romance going throughout the month! Whether you celebrate by sharing a romantic date with your special someone or treat yourself to a little chocolate, this holiday is a sweet reminder to cherish the things you love. For otaku, of course, that means getting new anime figures! From dreamy weddings and candy-covered hearts to OTPs and waifu, these eight figures will have you asking, “Will you be my Valentine?” all year long. Funny Knights – Kantai Collection: Kongou Kai Ni, Valentine ver. (February 2016) A variant of > Read More

Haikyuu!! Merchandise: 3 Ways to Show Your Team Spirit!

One of the most popular sports anime of our time, Haikyuu!! left fans hanging with a last-second cliff-hanger during its third season finale. The fourth season’s release date is still up in the air, but that’s no reason for you to call a “time out!”—get in the team spirit with Haikyuu!! merchandise fit for an MVP! Haikyuu!! Figures If you’re a Haikyuu!! fan who loves to daydream about the best scenes from the series, then surround yourself with mini versions of all your favorite athletes in the comfort of your home with these two Haikyuu!! figure collections. Banpresto DXF Figures The > Read More

Modern Japanese Literature for Bungo Stray Dogs fans

Did you finish all of Bungo Stray Dogs yet? Although they’re thrilling, season finales often leave you craving more, but with a painfully long time to go until the next new episode. While you wait for more Bungo Stray Dogs, take some time to get familiar with the real life Japanese authors that inspired many of the members of the Armed Detective Agency and Port Mafia. These famous writers are not very well known outside of Japan, but are a fundamental part of a Japanese education. Their fascinating lives were often marred by tragedy, but in writing about the darker and hidden sides of society, > Read More

Best Anime Figures Scheduled for Release in Winter 2016/2017

If your New Year’s resolution is to expand your figure collection, then you’ve come to the right place! This shopping list not only represents some of best anime figures of the winter season, but also foreshadows a year of long-awaited anime franchises returning in 2017. From One-Punch Man to Fate/Stay Night, check out our top picks for winter 2016/2017! Stronger – Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku ~Hanairogoromo~ (December 2016) Hatsune Miku may be an international idol, but her heart always remains in Japan. From her oil-paper parasol to the pastel-brushed mural and blooming > Read More

Christmas Anime Figures 2016: What’s on Your “Nice” List?

'Tis the season to collect Christmas anime figures! No matter how you celebrate the “most wonderful time of the year,” be sure to gift wrap one of these 2016 figure releases as a present for a friend—or even better, yourself! Toy’s Works – Love Live! Niitengo Snow Halation Ver. Box (February 2016) Idol group μ's mega hit, “Snow Halation,” has practically become a Christmas carol classic for otaku since its release in 2010. With these kawaii mini figures, you can experience the wintry wonderland of Love Live’s popular song—chibi style! Originally sold as a boxed set of 10 random trading > Read More

2016 Naruto Figures: 9 S-Ranked Figures to Fulfill Your Ninja Way

It’s hard to believe that the Naruto saga is finally ending after 14 amazing years. For many fans who grew up with the franchise, Naruto and Team 7 are more than just characters on the page and screen—they’re family. Whether you’ve been devoted to the series since its Shonen Jump days or have only recently come into the Naruto fold, it’s time to celebrate this legendary run in true fandom style—Naruto figures! Here are our nine picks for S-ranked figures released in 2016, guaranteed to help you fulfill your Ninja Way. > Read More

7 Most Popular Japanese Vocaloid Characters

Do you dream of having your original songs performed by internationally famous pop idols? Then welcome to the world of Vocaloid: computer software that allows anyone to compose songs through synthesized voices paired with anime-like avatars! Although originally intended for the professional music industry, Vocaloid has gained a devout otaku following since its initial 2004 release in Japan. Today, companies around the world are jumping on the bandwagon, localizing Vocaloid software and creating unique Vocaloid characters; but as with all things anime, none do it better than Japan. Keep reading > Read More

Artful Poke-realism

The global popularity of Pokémon GO has introduced its players to a world where you never know what Pokemon might be hiding around the next corner, ready to be caught. It’s now easier than ever to let your imagination run free and conjure up a reality where Pokemon truly walk among us. Please enjoy these works by three artists who have taken a flight of fancy and made Pokemon feel more real than ever - each in their own idiosyncratic way. Please note: these artists’ dedication to realism can be unflinching. Only proceed if you think you can handle your pokemon, warts and all - or should > Read More

Halloween Anime Figures 2016: 8 Creepy, Cute, & Cool Figures

All Hallows' Eve is quickly creeping up, but don’t let that scare you off! With these 2016 Halloween-inspired anime figures released in Japan, you can add a unique otaku flair to the most spirited time of the year. Get your trick or treat bag ready, because these creepy, cute, and cool collector’s pieces are too sweet to pass up! > Read More

New Anime Figures 2016: 9 of Fall’s Most In-demand Releases

Autumn is finally here, which means it’s officially time to “fall” back in love with anime (and anime-inspired) figures! Not sure where to begin? No worries! FROM JAPAN has your shopping list covered with 9 of the most in-demand, best-selling figures of the season. Ani Statue – Re:Zero: Emilia - Starting Life in Another World (September) Even fans who haven’t seen Re:Zero—one of this season’s most popular anime series—are likely to be awed by this gentle portrayal of Emilia. Depicted in delicate colors and as if touched by a soft breeze, this figure nobly captures the fantastical charm > Read More