Gudetama Merch: 10 Delectable Lazy Egg Collectibles from Japan

When you first meet Sanrio’s Gudetama face to face, the savory celebrity’s appeal may leave you scratching your head. Perhaps Gudetama’s popularity can be credited to the clever combination of food and Japanese kawaii culture, or perhaps it’s how easy people can relate to the mascot’s seemingly constant state of eggs-istential crisis. Whatever Gudetama’s recipe for success may be, fans around the world are eager to shell out money for collectibles bearing the character’s likeness. To help you in your hunt, here are 10 Gudetama items to satisfy your craving for the world’s laziest > Read More

10 Japanese Stress Relief Products: From Shouting Vases to Squeezing Faces

Stress is everywhere—at work, at school, at home—but with the right tools, managing some of the pressures of everyday life can be easy. From a country known for long work hours, cram schools, and tiny apartments, comes 10 fun Japanese stress relief products to help you get your daily rest and relaxation. Japanese Shouting Vases Sometimes you’ve just got to let out your pent-up emotions—ideally, without scaring off your next-door neighbors or coworkers. These Japanese Shouting Vases can help relieve your anger, frustration, and excitement by creating a “soundproof” barrier between your > Read More

9 Japanese Umbrellas That Will Keep You Dry in Style

In Japan, it often seems that when it rains, it pours. From frequent showers in early summer to a six-month season for typhoons, it is no wonder Japanese residents own an average of 3.3 umbrellas per person, compared to the world average of 2.4 (based on a SunnyComb world survey). It’s impossible to show you all the rain gear the country has to offer, but these nine Japanese umbrellas represent some of the most creative, convenient, and fun products currently on the market, and are sure to make you feel right as rain during the next downpour. Japanese Umbrellas That Will Keep You Dry in Style > Read More

Reinvent the Hotcake with These 9 Japanese Pancake Gadgets and Mixes

Crazy but true: Pancakes have been around for thousands of years! While you may say it’s impossible to improve this quintessential breakfast food, it’s time to start thinking outside the pan. From eye-popping pancake art to gravity-defying decadence, keep reading to find out how Japanese pancakes are deliciously reinventing the wheel for the new millennium! 4 Japanese Gadgets That Will Redefine Your Breakfast Note: These electrical products are designed for use in Japan. Please purchase an appropriate outlet adapter for the country of intended use. Roky Stick Pancake Maker For your > Read More

Lesser-known Sanrio Characters

Hello Kitty, My Melody and Twin Stars are beloved by old and young all over the world - but the wonderful universe of Sanrio contains a staggering number of cute and quirky characters of every stripe! We want to do our bit to help these local favorites build a global reputation! Read on for our pick of Sanrio stars whose time has come - as well as some seriously obscure hidden gems. Tuxedosam Tuxedosam (タキシードサム) Debut: 1979 The consummate dandy, Tuxedosam has an impressive bow tie collection - he can sport a different one all 365 days of the year. Perhaps not the sharpest tool in the > Read More

11 Innovative & Fun Japanese Pet Store Products for Your Cat

From bedding and hoodies to grooming tools and kitty tech, here are 11 Japanese cat products to help your feline get the most out of its nine lives. Cat Beds Whether lazing out in the sun or cuddling on your pillow, catnaps are a favorite feline pastime. Once your cat tries one of these innovative designer beds from Japan, they may never want to sleep anywhere else. Sincere Japan Rattan Beds Sincere Japan’s playfully decorative rattan cat beds are designed with your pet’s health and privacy in mind. The woven strands of rattan provide gaps for airflow that create a cool and comfortable > Read More

10 Sophisticated Japanese Chocolates Worthy of Your Valentine

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is a time for women to step up and express their love with gifts of chocolate, and there may be no better gift than Japanese chocolate. Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day with friends or family, or romancing that special someone, these 10 sophisticated Japanese chocolates are sure to leave your Valentine craving more! Share the Tradition of Meiji Chocolate Meiji, the maker of Japan’s most famous milk chocolate bar, has been around for over 90 years and is a perfect brand for gifting to chocolate aficionados and connoisseurs of Japanese culture. Meiji Milk > Read More

11 Japanese Winter Clothes, Kitchenware, & Heaters to Keep You Warm

Unlike some Western cultures that use central heat to keep the home comfortable during winter months, many parts of Japan rely on alternative methods for staying warm. From traditional Japanese winter clothes to space-age blankets, here are 10 must-own products that will keep you warm on the coldest night, plus one that will make you very, very “cool.” Japanese Winter Clothes & Accessories Hanten Jacket First introduced in the 18th century, the Japanese hanten is a wide-sleeved, insulated jacket—ideal winter wear for both the indoors and outdoors. Though similar in appearance to a > Read More

9 Innovative Panasonic Beauty Products from Japan

Women in Japan take beauty and skin care very seriously, carefully attending to their bodies by using quality products along with a thorough skin care regimen; and Panasonic—Japan’s leader in innovative beauty technology—understands this desire for radiantly healthy skin, teeth, and hair, creating state-of-the-art gadgets from electronic toothbrushes and body shavers to luxury items like facial steamers and massagers. While many of Panasonic’s products are available worldwide, some are designed for and exclusively marketed to Japanese consumers. Below are nine hard-to-find Japanese Panasonic > Read More

Japanese Star Wars Merch That Will Throw You into Hyperdrive!

Despite the Empire’s best efforts, a force much greater than the Dark Side is still spreading throughout the galaxy: The joy of being a Star Wars fan! While The Force Awakens propelled our favorite space saga into exciting new directions, it looks like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is seeking to become a darker form of OT nostalgia, taking us back to the Rebellion’s ragtag beginnings. And in anticipation of the theatrical release of Rogue One, FROM JAPAN has put together a list of amazing Japanese Star Wars merchandise that is guaranteed to throw you into hyperdrive! Japanese Star Wars > Read More