How to Make an Origami Cube in 18 Easy Steps

What better way to show off your amazing collection of origami paper than by folding an origami model that takes 6 pieces to make. With these modular origami cube instructions, learn how to easily fold a sturdy box that can be used to store gifts, hide secrets, or even play a game of dice! Note: For this easy origami cube model, you will need to fold six modular units that will then be connected together to form the cube. You can use different colored origami paper on each side, however, the finished modular units will only show the color that is facing away from you during Step > Read More

How to Make an Origami Fox in 8 Easy Steps

Are you as sly as a fox? Find out how clever you really are by trying your hands at folding an easy origami fox in just 8 steps. Watch out though, Japanese folklore often depict kitsune ("foxes" in Japanese) as being tricksters with a penchant for magic! Note: For this easy origami fox model, you can use origami paper that is a different color on each side, however, the finished model will only show the color that is facing away from you in Step 1. Step 1 Start with a square sheet of paper, and turn it so that it looks like a diamond. Fold it in half horizontally so that the bottom > Read More

Travel Back in Time with These 10 Classic Japanese Dagashi

From the amazing to the often crazy, Japan in known for creating the unimaginable when it comes to new flavors for sodas, snacks and candy. But while many of these trending treats leave the store shelves before you can blink an eye, others have become a sentimental part of Japan’s pop culture past that still lives on today in the popular treats known as “dagashi.” > Read More

How to Make an Origami Frog in 15 Easy Steps

Do you have a fetish for frogs? Then we suggest trying your hand at folding an easy origami frog to add to your collection of the world’s most adorable amphibian! You’re just a hop, skip and jump away—so let’s get started! > Read More

How to Make an Origami Rose in 8 Easy Steps

Are you allergic to roses but still have an endearing spot for this delicate flower of love? Then we suggest trying your hand at folding an easy origami rose instead. In just 8 simple steps, you will have a cute little flower to give to the one you adore or decorate your home with. > Read More

Popular Japanese Fashion Magazines for Men & Women

Japan, which is nothing if not innovative when it comes to fashion, has a huge number of different fashion magazines that cater to a wide range of discerning fashionistas. There are many different subcultures each with their own unique style, all of which also have magazines that are specifically tailored to them. A lot of magazines are printed on quality paper, and some will even include a special item inside just for their readers along with each issue. Here is a list of some magazines to get you started on your own Japanese fashion journey.  > Read More

Top 10 Anime Phone Cases for iPhone

Admit it: you’re obsessed with your iPhone. And why shouldn’t you be? It’s an all-in-one gadget that keeps you current with your friends and family, the latest trends, and newest releases. It’s your camera, your calculator, your instant messenger, your planner, and a home to all the apps you need in life. Your phone is important. It’s a part of you. And that’s why you don’t have to settle for a bland case like everyone else’s. Go beyond protecting your phone, and diversify it with your favorite anime and Japanese pop culture characters! Next to setting your ringtone to the likes of “World > Read More

Gundam Top Coat Guide: Giving your Gunpla a Fantastic Finish

What is top coating? After assembling, painting and detailing your Gunpla model, you can use top coating to help protect it. Top coating is a method wherein you use a clear colored paint to seal in and protect whatever surface you are applying it on, and it is actually used in car manufacturing to help give cars a glossy finish. Therefore, you can imagine that a Gundam top coat is much more than a protective measure; when properly applied to your Gunpla, it also brings an extra aesthetic touch in either gloss, matte or even in-between. > Read More

The Japanese Fake Food Display: An (In)edible Culinary Art Form

  Your mind and stomach will question reality upon first seeing a Japanese fake food display. Whether hotdog or hamburger, risotto or ramen, it looks good enough to eat—an illusion that is only broken when you reach out and touch it, discovering the hard, plastic truth. Experience the artistic craftsmanship—and fool your friends—with your very own fake food display! > Read More

Japanese Incense Evolution: Traditional Scents & Trendy Twists

Incense burning in Japan is not just a way to relax and freshen the air; it is also one of the oldest traditional Japanese arts. Japanese incense is made with high quality natural ingredients such as herbs, spices, resins, and aromatic woods. Historically, it has been used in Buddhist rituals to purify a sacred space or make a spiritual offering. Incense appreciation (Kodo) even developed into an art form like that of tea ceremony or flower arranging in the Heian Period. Today seen mostly in the form of Japanese incense sticks, incense is another example of Japan’s success in creating > Read More