Spider-Man Figures: The Best of S.H. Figuarts, Nendoroid & More

With a spectacular lineup spanning countless comic book titles, nine cartoons, and three cinematic franchises, Spider-Man’s radioactive résumé continues to capture new fans in his web of wonder with each new plot thread he spins. In anticipation of Spidey’s next big-screen blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming swinging into theaters this July, we’ve put together a list of must-have Spider-Man figures from Japan that any True Believer would be proud to show off!

S.H. Figuarts – “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Figure

Besides this figure’s uncanny ability to re-enact your favorite comic book poses and its direct connection to one of 2017’s most highly anticipated summer films, what truly sets S.H. Figuarts’ articulated wall-crawler apart from the rest is the Tamashii Option Act Wall collector’s edition scheduled for release in October 2017.

If that seems too far away, don’t worry; a standard Spidey variant is due out August 2017, and has plenty of exclusive features to love: the prominent texture of his suit, the interchangeable eye expressions on his mask, and his first-ever release by one of Japan’s most esteemed action figure manufacturers. Throw in eight optional hands, three types of webbing, and Parker’s trusty backpack and cellphone, and you have all the essentials you need to bring the friendly neighborhood hero swinging into your collection.

Nendoroid – “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Figure

What do you get when you combine Ant-Man’s Pym particle with the youngest member of Team Iron Man? We haven’t seen this scenario unfold in the Marvel films… yet, but Nendoroid provides a pretty accurate visual of what could happen, while throwing in kawaii chibi proportions for a Japanese twist on this famous American superhero. Though a highly textured 2014 Nendoroid Spidey (complete with tiny New York City diorama) already exists, this latest Marvel x Nendoroid collaboration will have your Spider-Sense tingling with its three masked face plates and additional Peter Parker head based on actor Tom Holland’s already adorable features.

Bandai  – Meisho Manga Realization: Samurai Spider-Man

Swinging on the Bushido bandwagon of Bandai’s successful Star Wars Movie Realization series, this Samurai Spider-Man reimagines the web-head as an intimidating Japanese warrior. His mempo mask takes inspiration from the fierce apparel of the samurai, sure to strike fear into the hearts of shogun supervillains, and his web-shooters have been remodeled into ninja kaginawa-style grappling hooks. Armed with a pair of katana and protected by a suit of armor plated in red and blue, Samurai Spidey is ready for any disaster that the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer. Now if only there were a feudal era Carnage or Venom to pit him against.

Variant Play Arts Kai  – Spider-Man & Venom Figures

For an edgier reimagining of the characters that literally tower above all other articulated Spider-Man figures on this list, look no further than Variant Play Arts Kai’s Spider-Man and Venom. Equipped with a variety of webs, hands, and heads, Play Arts takes advantage of these figures’ large size (each 260 mm tall) and muscular sculpts to emphasize the inhuman powers of the radioactive hero and his parasitical nemesis.

ARTFX+ – Spider-Man Figure Series

ARTFX+ Spider-Man figures pay tribute to an expansive universe of fan-favorite story arcs starring the suited-up Peter Parker, several of his future Spidey iterations, and his most sinister enemies. Each sculpture boasts masterful paintwork, with every rippling muscle, tapering tendril, and battle-worn boot maxed out for texture and accuracy—even at a modest 1/10 scale. With three versions of Spider-Man, two versions of Venom, a Carnage, and a Spider-Gwen to collect, ARTFX+ is a perfect way to start your web of Marvel figures.

Amazing Yamaguchi – Spider-Man Figure Series

With great articulation, comes great pose-ability! However, the claim to fame of these Amazing Yagamuchi Spider-Man figures—featuring the titular hero, Spider-Gwen, and Venom—isn’t just their 13 points of articulation, “invisible” joints, and treasure trove of optional expressions and gestures. With Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen’s magnet and arm extensions, you can use any magnetized surface to create scenarios and poses inaccessible to most other articulated figures. Venom’s lack of climbing is certainly made up for with his eerie facial expressions and panache for predatory poses, which are all the more unnerving thanks to the optional Symbiote tendrils you can attach to his mutated form.

KotobukiyaBishoujo Statue Series: Spider-Gwen

At 1/7 scale, Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Spider-Gwen Statue flaunts her toned skinsuit and vibrant color scheme. Her dynamic pose extends one elegant leg for a sky-high landing, while her left hand prepares to launch the next web. Interchangeable heads allow you to mask Spider-Gwen’s true identity behind a neon-magenta pair of spider eyes, or reveal the beautiful bishoujo-stylized face of Gwen Stacy hidden beneath the hood.

Kotobukiya – Fine Art Statue Series: Carnage

Kotobukiya’s Carnage Fine Art Statue is nearly as rare as the Symbiote bonded to his body. Leering over the wreckage of his most recent rampage, Carnage’s deadly right claw can “morph” into a crimson blade, thanks to interchangeable arms. Sculpted to sanguinary life by the talents of Erick Sosa, this imposing 1/6-scale statue easily re-solidifies Carnage’s place among the most favorite (and feared) Marvel villains of all time.

Vintage Spider-Man Leopardon Figure

What could possibly make Spider-Man even cooler than having a sixth sense and epic origin story? A giant mecha, of course! At least that’s what Toei thought when they created a Japanese-exclusive live-action series based on the web-head.

Despite its cheesiness, many Japanese fans look back on the show with fondness, and it’s easy to see why when there is a transforming super toy like the Vintage Spider-Man Leopardon figure on the market as a result. Manufactured by the Japanese toy company Popy, Spider-Man’s trusty spaceship-turned-super-robot Leopardon is a mecha masterpiece of weight, durability, and customization. There’s even a tiny Spider-Man figure and vehicle included that can dock in Leopardon before it transforms. And need we even mention the robot’s projectile-launching fists?

Where to Buy Spider-Man Figures from Japan

If these figures have your Spider-Sense tingling, be sure to snare them in your web! With the help of your trusty proxy service sidekick FROM JAPAN, you can easily have these “amazing” Spider-Man figures and more shipped from Japan to your doorstep!

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