10 Japanese Humidifiers to Give Your Space a Breath of Fresh Air

This winter, give your home or work space a breath of fresh air with these 10 energy-saving and portable Japanese humidifiers that are sure to help you relax, hydrate, and soothe your senses.

Japanese Natural Humidifiers

Mast Eco Humidifier

Set sail on a sea of cypress fragrance with the Mast Eco Humidifier. This environmentally friendly humidifier takes inspiration from the flowing sails of a yacht to create a soothing design that’s delicate enough to wave in a passing breeze. When you’re ready for a relaxing voyage to comfort, simply pour water into the container and the sails will gradually absorb and evaporate moisture throughout the room with a trailing wood scent. The Mast Eco Humidifier is available in three graduating sizes (160 mm, 200 mm, and 250 mm), and each is masterfully crafted from natural wood by a Japanese artisan’s skilled hands.

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Misty Series Humidifiers

As its name implies, the Misty Series evokes an ethereal, tropical ambiance with its origami-like presentation intermingled with modern foliage designs. Each potted humidifier filters water near its synthetic roots through leafy tendrils and disperses the evaporating liquid through its leaves—much like an ecological water cycle. Adding to its all-natural appeal, the Misty Series features a nearly maintenance-free filter that guards against bacteria and mold for a truly tranquil indoor climate.

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Uruoi Eco Humidifiers

Invite the refreshing air of the great outdoors into your dwelling with an Uruoi Eco Humidifier. In the spirit of its natural inspiration, each eco-conscious papercraft uses organic evaporation filters that harness the gravity of bottled water to save electricity and disperse moisture as quietly as the forest at eventide. Whether you choose the midnight blue wolf, playful pink bunnies, or other available fauna and foliage, your desk will always have a humidifying landscape that can soothe your wild yearnings to be free.

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Shigaraki Ceramic Humidifiers

Featuring a strikingly understated appearance, Shigaraki Ceramic Humidifiers will no doubt help you channel your inner Zen with their six calming shapes and colors. The earthenware vessels—crafted in Japan’s famous ceramic town Shigaraki—naturally draw water into the porous walls from the baseplate, for over eight hours of uninterrupted moisture.

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Saisei Paper Moisture Humidifiers

Add a delicate decor of blossoms to your daily life with a flowery arrangement of Saisei Paper Moisture Humidifiers. In addition to offering a wide selection of chic cardboard designs featuring mildew protection, each humidifier’s one-month life cycle is about twice as long as that of a real bouquet. Add water to the vase and watch the petals gradually bloom into soft colors as they evaporate moisture throughout the day. For a more alluring presentation, add a few drops of fragrance oil to make your elegant display all the more lifelike.

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Japanese USB Humidifiers

Bruno Tulip USB Humidifier

Inspired by the silhouette of spring’s quintessential flower, the Bruno Tulip USB Humidifier comes in four colors to complement any modern desktop—which is the ideal place for operating it as it’s powered with the sophisticated simplicity of a USB cord. Humidifying your work space is as simple as submerging the Tulip’s “stem” in a glass of water and selecting either the continuous or intermittent dispersal mode. And there’s no need to worry if you accidentally leave it on while away from your desk, since this designer gadget will automatically shut off after two hours.

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Thanko USB Doughnut Humidifier

The eponymous Doughnut Humidifier created by Japan’s USB gadget wizard Thanko won’t satisfy your sweet tooth but will definitely make your desktop drudgeries more manageable. Its fun-sized (5-cm diameter) scale makes it easy to transport; but with that said, there’s nothing pint-sized about its power, which can produce soothing, localized steam from any water source in seconds.

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Bottle-top Humidifier Orb

A convenient travel companion, the Bottle-top Humidifier Orb only needs a disposable water bottle and a USB port in order to work its moisturizing magic. Simply fit the cap and straw-like extension atop the water bottle and bask in its rejuvenating vapor. Ideal for dusty or dry hotel rooms and other overnight stays, this mist maker automatically stays on for up to eight hours of restful sleep.

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Bruno Perfume Bottle USB Humidifier

Easily the most fashionable product on this list, the Bruno Perfume Bottle USB Humidifier transforms any desk or dresser into a steamy spa. The cool condensation is safe around the sensitive skin of children and pets, and an automated two-hour timer ensures that not a single watt is wasted. Choose from four decadent designs—each complete with a dapper bow tie charm and pastel packaging—and bid your dry air adieu!

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Prismate USB Bloom Double Humidifier

Receive twice the flower power with the Prismate USB Bloom Double Humidifier. With a convenient 90-centimeter reach, this easy-to-adjust, dual-mode humidifier can produce soothing vapor from any water-filled vessel. The Petite-size petals make this gadget ideal for moisturizing on the go, and the buoyant design and calming colors provide a fun, relaxing touch—no matter where your travels take you.

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Where to Buy Japanese Humidifiers

If you’re ready to plunge into the vast, vaporous world of Japanese humidifiers, there’s no need to get lost in the fog of importing products. With FROM JAPAN, you can easily browse listings from Japan’s biggest online shops and auction sites and have these humidifiers and more shipped to your door. (Note: Larger home humidifiers that require a wall outlet power source or lithium batteries may have international shipping restrictions.)

And for more innovative products to purify your home and workplace, check out our list of Japanese cleaning devices to make your life easier.

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