11 Innovative & Fun Japanese Pet Store Products for Your Cat

From bedding and hoodies to grooming tools and kitty tech, here are 11 Japanese cat products to help your feline get the most out of its nine lives.

Cat Beds

Whether lazing out in the sun or cuddling on your pillow, catnaps are a favorite feline pastime. Once your cat tries one of these innovative designer beds from Japan, they may never want to sleep anywhere else.

Sincere Japan Rattan Beds

Sincere Japan’s playfully decorative rattan cat beds are designed with your pet’s health and privacy in mind. The woven strands of rattan provide gaps for airflow that create a cool and comfortable environment and help prevent mildew growth and lingering odors. However, the most unique feature of these beds is the woven cat-ear accents, which add a certain charm to your home décor. Sincere Japan’s two models shown here—the Kitty House (left) and Peanut Bed (center and right)—are available in different colors to best complement your furniture. The Peanut Bed is ideal for owners with more than one cat, because you can flip open the top half of the bed to create two baskets for a furry pair to sleep in.

Oppo CatShell

The Oppo CatShell is minimalistic, hygienic, and designed to fit the style of any home. With a single half shell, your pet can curl up in a comfortable, open-air basket, or you can quickly snap two half shells together to create an enclosed sanctuary. When shopping for the Oppo CatShell online, we suggest verifying how many half shells you’ll receive by looking for the following Japanese kanji in the product description:

  • 1個 = 1 half shell
  • 2個 = 2 half shells

Cat Apparel

For those times when fur isn’t enough, here are some cat clothes (and cat-inspired clothes) for you and your feline friend.

Egree Protective Cat Pajamas

Medical problems and procedures can be stressful for pets, which is why Egree has a line of designer Protective Cat Pajamas to help keep your cat comfortable and safe during recovery. With several colors to choose from, these stylish pj’s button up to fit your cat’s sleek form without restricting its movement. They are designed to breathe around the neck and paw openings, and strategically open rear area allows your pet to easily relieve itself without soiling the pajamas or having to remove them before each trip to the litter box.

Mewgaroo Hoodies

Perfect for cats that love to cuddle, the Mewgaroo Hoodie provides a creative and cozy way to literally keep your pet close to your heart at all times. The warm, snuggly kangaroo pouch lets you and your feline cuddle while freeing your hands for sedentary tasks like eating, playing video games, and reading. The removable pouch lining makes the Mewgaroo Hoodie easy to clean, and the hoodie ears and paw pads are sure to leave onlookers in little doubt about how much you love your kitty.

Mewgaroo Jumpsuits

Take playtime with your cat to a whole new level by slipping into Mewgaroo’s feline-inspired jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is sure to awaken your inner neko with its ears, paw pads, tail, and choice of black, white, striped or calico fabric. And as with all Mewgaroo apparel, dangling drawstring pom-poms are included for your furbaby to enjoy.

Cat Grooming & Litter Accessories

Self-grooming comes naturally to cats, but you can help make their habits a little less messy with these innovative Japanese hygiene tools.

Groomo Pet Brush

Cat hair has a way of clinging to everything—your furniture, your carpet, your Mewgaroo hoodie; but thanks to the innovative Groomo Pet Brush by Oppo, you can keep your cat’s fur sleek and shiny while collecting loose hair before it spreads. Simply brush your cat’s coat with the toothed comb and the attached adhesive tape roller gently removes the hair for easy disposal.

Ketori Hair Cleaner

Also available from Oppo is the Ketori Hair Cleaner, which is ideal for removing cat hair from clothing and furniture. Rub the rubber bulb over any fabric to neatly collect the hair into a pile; then flip the gadget over, squeeze it open, and “eat up” the clump of hair for easy disposal. The hair cleaner’s cone tip is specially designed to fit into even the tightest nooks and crannies of your furniture, which means no hair will escape the sweep.

Nail Clipper Mask

Keeping your cat’s claws finely trimmed is important to their health and safety, but trips to the vet can be stressful for your cat, not to mention expensive. One alternative is to cut your feline’s claws at home with the help of a Nail Clipper Mask. The cat-sized mask gently fits over your pet’s face while still providing an opening around the nose and mouth for breathing. Much like a dark enclosure, the blindfold creates a calming effect on your cat that helps it relax until the process is complete. Should your cat escape before you finish, it can easily remove the loosely fitted mask with its paws, making the Nail Clipper Mask a safe and non-threatening part of your cat’s grooming regimen.

Note: Use only as directed. Don’t leave the cat mask on for long periods of time. Prolonged use of a mask may inhibit the cat’s natural cooling system, which can result in a life-threatening situation for the animal.

Oppo Toilet Screen

True to its name, the litter box can get messy, especially if your cat’s a kicker! Oppo’s Toilet Screen is a semicircle shell that keeps sand, grit, and other messes where they belong—inside the litter box. At the same time, it provides some privacy when nature calls. Available in two colors—blue green and natural brown—the Oppo Toilet Screen is sure to help make the messiest part of your cat’s life much more manageable.

Fun Cat Accessories from Japan

Neko Hoihoi Tatami Mats

Cats, by nature, are known for their independent personalities, often roaming freely around the home, in the yard, or on your laptop. This freedom is an endearing quality for many kitty lovers, but what can you do when you want your pet to stay put? A few years back, a Japanese blogger shared the discovery of “magic cat catchers” that could mysteriously lure your cat with nothing more than a washi tape circle taped to the floor.

While it’s possible to make a quick DIY cat catcher from any number of household items, a Kyoto-based company has created the Neko Hoihoi—a tastefully handcrafted miniature tatami that replicates this alluring effect while adding a little Japanese charm to your home. Herding cats has never been so easy!


Ever wonder what your cat’s meowing about? Thanks to the technology of Meowlingual, the future of interspecies communication might be just a whisker away. Said to “decode” your feline’s meows and purrs, Meowlingual translates “cat language” into 200 Japanese words on a handheld screen. The gadget also interprets your cat’s body language by analyzing its facial expression into one of six moods and categorizing its body movements into one of 21 emotions. The feline mind may always remain a mystery, but perhaps Meowlingual can shed a bit of light on your pet’s cat-ittude.

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