The Gunpla Weathering: Creating Realistic Battle Damage

After assembling, painting, putting on decals and applying the topcoat to your Gunpla, there is still another step you can do to further improve the overall look and realism of your kit. This process is called Gunpla weathering, or battle damage. Especially if your mobile suit is designed for battle, it just doesn't make sense for it to always be in pristine condition! Don’t be afraid that you’ll ruin your kit; not only will this process make your model look like it has been in a serious fight, but it will also make it look amazingly cool! Follow this Gunpla weathering tutorial, and in just a > Read More

The Gunpla Panel Lining: Gunpla’s Guide to Markers and Paints

One of the many great things about Gunpla is that the more you obsess over the details, the more amazing your kit becomes. For beginners looking to take theirs to the next level, the easiest way to improve the look of your kit is with panel lining. And the great thing about panel lining is that once you know how to do it, you can easily apply it to anything you build! > Read More

The Gunpla Top Coat Guide: Giving your Gunpla a Fantastic Finish

What is top coating? After assembling, painting and detailing your Gunpla model, you can use top coating to help protect it. Top coating is a method wherein you use a clear colored paint to seal in and protect whatever surface you are applying it on, and it is actually used in car manufacturing to help give cars a glossy finish. Therefore, you can imagine that a Gundam top coat is much more than a protective measure; when properly applied to your Gunpla, it also brings an extra aesthetic touch in either gloss, matte or even in-between. > Read More

The Gunpla Tutorial: How to Decal your Gundam Plastic Model (dry transfer and water slide decals)

After painting your Gunpla kit, it is recommended to apply decals to improve the realism and coolness of your Gundam plastic model. Applying decals can sometimes be intimidating, but just a like finished race car, your Gundam will ultimately look more professional and genuine with decals. In the end you will be glad that you put them on your kit! > Read More

The Gunpla Kit Painting Guide for Realistic Models

After building your first few Gundam kits, there will come a time when you may feel the need to step up your game. One of the things that you can do to improve your Gunpla kit is painting. You can use spray cans and airbrush kits but they are expensive and might we add—dangerous to use indoors. Some people will want to opt for cheaper and safer methods like hand painting with acrylics. Today we’ll show you how to paint using Tamiya Acrylic paints. Be sure to check out the bottom for videos! > Read More

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin – Blue Eyed Casval

Don't miss out the first 7 minutes streamed for free showing the Red Comet destroying 5 battleships at the Battle of Loum ! In Japan, the first episode "Mobile Suit Gundam: The OriginⅠ- Blue Eyed Casval" premiered from the end of February, on BANDAI CHANEL and in theaters. The original work is a manga adaptation of the original "Mobile Suit Gundam" TV series and was published serially for ten years in the monthly magazine "Gundam Ace". Original arrangements were conducted such as the revision of some scenes and the addition of spin-offs. Furthermore, the son of Zeon Zum Deikun, Casval Rem > Read More

The Gunpla Model Beginner’s Guide for Building Amazing Kits

Have you ever thought about building a Gundam model or bought one only to find it sitting on your shelf? Inside a kit box you will find a dizzying amount of pieces with instructions in a crazy language, but that doesn't mean they’re difficult to build. In this article we lay out each step and give helpful tips along the way to make your model building experience a lot of fun! > Read More

G-Shock x Gundam: The Best G-Shock Watch 2014

G-Shock is undeniably one of the biggest names today when it comes to highly fashionable watches. What makes it a popular choice is the fact that apart from its uniquely stylish aesthetics, it is also very durable and a timepiece that any gender and any age can use. The brand’s owner, Casio, keeps the G-Shock name interesting by continually coming up with editions that mirror the interests and cultures of today's generation in a way that blends seamlessly with the watch’s cutting edge advancements in technology. The G-Shock x Gundam GD-100 Model happens to be one of the company's great > Read More

How to Choose the Right Gundam Model Kit

Once you’ve decided that you want to get into Gundam kits, an important step in picking your first model is understanding the Gunpla grade and scale system. FROMJAPAN breaks the system down for you so that you get the right model the first time. > Read More

Why Is Gunpla So Addictive?

Gunpla is a satisfying and quickly addictive hobby but can be overwhelming to anyone trying to get started. FROMJAPAN is here to give you a closer look at the popular series that make up the huge selection of Gundam model kits. > Read More