2016 Naruto Figures: 9 S-Ranked Figures to Fulfill Your Ninja Way

It’s hard to believe that the Naruto saga is finally ending after 14 amazing years. For many fans who grew up with the franchise, Naruto and Team 7 are more than just characters on the page and screen—they’re family. Whether you’ve been devoted to the series since its Shonen Jump days or have only recently come into the Naruto fold, it’s time to celebrate this legendary run in true fandom style—Naruto figures! Here are our nine picks for S-ranked figures released in 2016, guaranteed to help you fulfill your Ninja Way. > Read More

Top 10 Anime Phone Cases for iPhone

Admit it: you’re obsessed with your iPhone. And why shouldn’t you be? It’s an all-in-one gadget that keeps you current with your friends and family, the latest trends, and newest releases. It’s your camera, your calculator, your instant messenger, your planner, and a home to all the apps you need in life. Your phone is important. It’s a part of you. And that’s why you don’t have to settle for a bland case like everyone else’s. Go beyond protecting your phone, and diversify it with your favorite anime and Japanese pop culture characters! Next to setting your ringtone to the likes of “World > Read More

S-Rank Memorabilia: a Guide to Unique, Japan-Exclusive Naruto Merchandise

If you’re into manga and anime, you’ve most certainly heard about Naruto—the spikey-haired, orange-suited ninja with dreams as big as the Village Hidden in the Leaves. As the third best-selling manga franchise of all time, Naruto has made itself readily available through multiple outlets—books, anime, movies, figurines, and more. > Read More

Naruto Action Figures: Celebrating 15 Years of Ninja

Since the debut of its one-shot pilot chapter in August 1997, Naruto has spanned over seventy volumes and seven hundred chapters as a manga franchise. It’s no wonder that, with over 200 million copies sold, Naruto has become the third most popular manga series in the world, just behind the likes of One Piece and Dragon Ball. The overwhelming success of the Naruto series resulted in an anime adaptation, multiple animated films, and a plethora of merchandise—the most popular of which are the Naruto figurines and action figures. In commemoration of the series’ ending, let’s take a look at the > Read More

Japan’s Anime Nails: A Look at the Ultimate Naruto Nails and More!

Japan’s youth culture has never shied away from strange and fascinating fads, including the use of nail art as an extension of their often extreme fashion statements. Recently, a new style of nail art has become the form of expression for the country’s otaku who can afford it—anime nails! > Read More