10 Best Japanese Makeup Brands You May Not Know About

Japan consistently places in the top five of global makeup markets, and a simple stroll through one of Tokyo’s famed department stores instantly reveals the elite status Japan’s beauty products hold for women from every walk of life. Japanese makeup follows a philosophy of nurturing self-care that highlights natural longevity and promotes a youthful glow through moisturizing layers and clarifying ingredients. To help you find the perfect palette for your look and more of your future faves, here are our top 10 recommendations for Japanese makeup brands to revitalize your cosmetics collection. > Read More

Kitan Club Cat Hats: Cute Costume Headwear for Kitties

Japan is full of impeccably well-dressed pets, offering a broad range of pet clothes and costumes for both dogs and cats. Innovative capsule toy maker Kitan Club, the quirky geniuses behind such hits as Cup no Fuchiko and Putitto, have perfected the art of simple kitty transformations with their Neko no Kaburimono series. Whirlwind Japanese lesson: neko is cat, and no is the possessive particle. Just like kimono comes from kiru + mono = a thing you wear, kaburu + mono = a thing you wear on your head! The most literal translation might be Cats’ Headwear, but we can never resist a rhyme - > Read More

Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary: 11 Hit Works From the Early Years

What comics shaped your childhood? For generations, the answer in Japan has been “Shonen Jump!” This manga juggernaut first starter publishing their Weekly Shonen Jump manga anthology in 1968, making it the longest-running such magazine. Due to its status and influence, Weekly Shonen Jump is being duly celebrated, including a three-part series of special exhibits featuring titles from the the three main eras of its half-century existence: Weekly Shonen Jump Exhibition Vol. 1 - from the first issue until the end of the 80s (July 18 to October 15, 2017) Weekly Shonen Jump Exhibition Vol. 2 - > Read More

Cosplay Wig Tutorial: Tips for Buying Your First Wig

Cosplaying as your favorite anime characters is a special part of otaku culture, and when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your costume, a wig can make or break your look. After all, many of anime’s most popular figures can be recognized by their hair alone—just think of Sailor Moon’s twintails or Goku’s gravity-defying spikes. To help you pick the perfect wig for your performance, check out FROM JAPAN’s cosplay guide on choosing the right head of hair! Choosing a Cosplay Wig Once you’ve decided on a character, it’s time to choose a wig that will do him or her justice—but where > Read More

10 Japanese Humidifiers to Give Your Space a Breath of Fresh Air

This winter, give your home or work space a breath of fresh air with these 10 energy-saving and portable Japanese humidifiers that are sure to help you relax, hydrate, and soothe your senses. Japanese Natural Humidifiers Mast Eco Humidifier Set sail on a sea of cypress fragrance with the Mast Eco Humidifier. This environmentally friendly humidifier takes inspiration from the flowing sails of a yacht to create a soothing design that’s delicate enough to wave in a passing breeze. When you’re ready for a relaxing voyage to comfort, simply pour water into the container and the sails will > Read More

Japanese House Slippers to Keep You Comfortable Year-Round

Whether you want to step into the sole of Japanese culture, improve your health from the toes up, or simply make your staycation a little cozier, you can find a pair of indoor footwear to fit your needs with our list of Japanese house slippers, shoes, sandals. Japanese Shoe Size Charts Japan uses a different measuring system than Western countries, so it’s important to make sure you know your size before you buy. Check out our sizing guide for Japanese clothing, or the Japanese shoe size charts below. Adults Source: Claus Färber on Wikimedia Kids Source: Claus Färber on > Read More

Monstrous Godzilla Merchandise That Will Have You Roaring for More

On November 3 1954, Godzilla rose from the sea, leaving a massive radioactive footprint on Japan—and cinematic history. Over the past 63 years, the mythical monster has earned a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, become a cultural ambassador for Tokyo, and captured the hearts of fans around the world with its lumbering gait and sympathetic origin story. To celebrate the anniversary of the franchise’s first theatrical release, we’ve put together a list of monstrous merch that takes Japan’s favorite kaiju calamity to new heights! Bandai Godzilla Figures Bandai – S.H.MonsterArts: Godzilla > Read More

Osomatsu-san Merch Fit for a Family Reunion

Japan’s most famous sextuplets, the Matsuno family, first tumbled onto television screens in 1966. Fifty years later, the brightly-colored brothers brought new fans to their family reunion for the 2015 reboot titled Osomatsu-san, in which the siblings’ silliness matured alongside the title characters. If your latest matsu men marathon has you craving a little more brotherly mischief and mayhem to mix up the mundane, you’re in luck. The NEETs have a world of merchandise to their name, so read on for our list of 11 Osomatsu-san collectibles no fan should forego! Osomatsu-san > Read More

11 Bibi Lab Products for the Self-Proclaimed Couch Potato

Ready to add a touch of otaku comfort to your everyday routine? Looking for a fun gift for your fellow homebody? Then check out our list of 11 Bibi Lab brainchildren that will keep you kicking back and taking life easy. Bibi Lab Body Pillows Twintail Pillows In Japan, hug pillows called “dakimakura” are a popular item for solo sleepers, and Bibi Lab’s line of Twintail Pillows puts a unique twist on the oversized idea by shaping them into a pair of body-length pigtails. The standard Twintail Pillow comes with your choice of a tan or blue cover, while the wavy Royal Twintail Pillow is > Read More

Japanese Art & Craft Supplies for Kids: 11 Picks for Budding Artists

Playtime is serious business—just ask any child waiting in anticipation for the recess bell to ring. While they’re having a blast using scissors and coloring over the lines, children are also developing important skills that they will carry into adulthood—artistic awareness, problem solving, cultural appreciation, and patience. Keep reading to learn more about some of Japan’s many unique art and craft products for kids that can maximize your child’s creativity from the comfort of his or her “happy place!" Japanese Crayons Aozora Crayons Little minds are filled with creativity just > Read More