Japanese House Slippers to Keep You Comfortable Year-Round

Whether you want to step into the sole of Japanese culture, improve your health from the toes up, or simply make your staycation a little cozier, you can find a pair of indoor footwear to fit your needs with our list of Japanese house slippers, shoes, sandals. Japanese Shoe Size Charts Japan uses a different measuring system than Western countries, so it’s important to make sure you know your size before you buy. Check out our sizing guide for Japanese clothing, or the Japanese shoe size charts below. Adults Source: Claus Färber on Wikimedia Kids Source: Claus Färber on > Read More

Monstrous Godzilla Merchandise That Will Have You Roaring for More

On November 3 1954, Godzilla rose from the sea, leaving a massive radioactive footprint on Japan—and cinematic history. Over the past 63 years, the mythical monster has earned a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, become a cultural ambassador for Tokyo, and captured the hearts of fans around the world with its lumbering gait and sympathetic origin story. To celebrate the anniversary of the franchise’s first theatrical release, we’ve put together a list of monstrous merch that takes Japan’s favorite kaiju calamity to new heights! Bandai Godzilla Figures Bandai – S.H.MonsterArts: Godzilla > Read More

Osomatsu-san Merch Fit for a Family Reunion

Japan’s most famous sextuplets, the Matsuno family, first tumbled onto television screens in 1966. Fifty years later, the brightly-colored brothers brought new fans to their family reunion for the 2015 reboot titled Osomatsu-san, in which the siblings’ silliness matured alongside the title characters. If your latest matsu men marathon has you craving a little more brotherly mischief and mayhem to mix up the mundane, you’re in luck. The NEETs have a world of merchandise to their name, so read on for our list of 11 Osomatsu-san collectibles no fan should forego! Osomatsu-san > Read More

11 Bibi Lab Products for the Self-Proclaimed Couch Potato

Ready to add a touch of otaku comfort to your everyday routine? Looking for a fun gift for your fellow homebody? Then check out our list of 11 Bibi Lab brainchildren that will keep you kicking back and taking life easy. Bibi Lab Body Pillows Twintail Pillows In Japan, hug pillows called “dakimakura” are a popular item for solo sleepers, and Bibi Lab’s line of Twintail Pillows puts a unique twist on the oversized idea by shaping them into a pair of body-length pigtails. The standard Twintail Pillow comes with your choice of a tan or blue cover, while the wavy Royal Twintail Pillow is > Read More

Japanese Art & Craft Supplies for Kids: 11 Picks for Budding Artists

Playtime is serious business—just ask any child waiting in anticipation for the recess bell to ring. While they’re having a blast using scissors and coloring over the lines, children are also developing important skills that they will carry into adulthood—artistic awareness, problem solving, cultural appreciation, and patience. Keep reading to learn more about some of Japan’s many unique art and craft products for kids that can maximize your child’s creativity from the comfort of his or her “happy place!" Japanese Crayons Aozora Crayons Little minds are filled with creativity just > Read More

Meet the Otamatone: A Wonderfully Bizarre Instrument by Maywa Denki

Of the many creations by the Japanese siblings Masamichi and Nobumichi Tosa, better known together as Maywa Denki, there is perhaps no invention that better echoes the heart and soul of their wonderfully bizarre menagerie of art installations, designer goods, toys, and musical instruments than the Otamatone—the tadpole-faced, Theremin-voiced synthesizer that has become a viral YouTube sensation across the globe. Whether you’re looking for a fun gift for your musically inclined friend or family member or want to add a unique sound to your next public performance, the Otamatone is sure to have > Read More

Japanese Beer Glasses & Ultrasonic Beer Foamers for the Home Bartender

While the highball and chuhai have rightfully found their place among Japan’s most popular happy hour drinks, it is the country’s love for ice-cold draft beer that has been truly elevated to an art form. To share this unique culture with you, we’ve put together a list of Japanese beer glasses and foamers that can help bring Japan’s passion for pilsners into your home bar. Japanese Beer Glasses & Tumblers Sugahara Glassworks Mt. Fuji Beer Glass Sugahara Glassworks’ Mt. Fuji Beer Glass is an artistic achievement of understated craftsmanship. Paying homage to Japan’s iconic peak, the > Read More

9 Japanese Cleaning Products to Make Your Life Easier

No matter the time of year, it’s never too late for a little spring-cleaning! From a country known for its uncluttered apartments, squeaky-clean schools, and litter-free roads, here are nine Japanese cleaning products that will make your life pika pika (sparkling)! High-Tech Japanese Dry Mop Gadgets Mopet Microfiber Mop Robot With 3 AA batteries and the simple push of a button, the Mopet Microfiber Mop Robot will wander throughout your house—picking up hair, dirt, and dust along the way—for up to six hours at a time. At only 5.6 cm tall, it's flat enough to glide under narrow gaps, > Read More

Gudetama Merch: 10 Delectable Lazy Egg Collectibles from Japan

When you first meet Sanrio’s Gudetama face to face, the savory celebrity’s appeal may leave you scratching your head. Perhaps Gudetama’s popularity can be credited to the clever combination of food and Japanese kawaii culture, or perhaps it’s how easy people can relate to the mascot’s seemingly constant state of eggs-istential crisis. Whatever Gudetama’s recipe for success may be, fans around the world are eager to shell out money for collectibles bearing the character’s likeness. To help you in your hunt, here are 10 Gudetama items to satisfy your craving for the world’s laziest egg. > Read More

10 Japanese Stress Relief Products: From Shouting Vases to Squeezing Faces

Stress is everywhere—at work, at school, at home—but with the right tools, managing some of the pressures of everyday life can be easy. From a country known for long work hours, cram schools, and tiny apartments, comes 10 fun Japanese stress relief products to help you get your daily rest and relaxation. > Read More