Ichiban Kuji – The Win-Win Otaku Lottery

Ichiban Kuji (一番くじ) is a lottery released every month by Bandai Spirits (formerly Banpresto), the company behind many prize figure lines such as Q Posket and EXQ. Each month you can play to win exclusive merchandise that is only available through the Ichiban Kuji lottery. Unlike other lotteries, you will always receive a prize. Ichiban Kuji has run hundreds of lotteries with tons of prizes from beloved franchises such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Gintama, Nintendo, and many more! While there are similar lotteries across Japan, such as Minna no Kuji (みんなのくじ) by FuRyu and Ani-Kuji > Read More

Sakura 2019: the best cherry blossom-themed items this year!

Spring has sprung in Japan, meaning it’s that time of year again: cherry blossom season! Cherry blossom, or sakura (桜), typically bloom for about one week between late March to early April, starting in the Okinawan islands and finishing in Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido. Sakura is much more than just a flower to Japanese culture. Due to their short life, the cherry blossom symbolizes the Japanese philosophy of mono no aware (ものの哀れ), the fleetingness of life. But it’s not all doom and gloomー sakura are also associated with new starts, as cherry blossom season coincides with the > Read More

Hinamatsuri: Japan’s Doll Festival 🎎

What is Hinamatsuri? The weather is warming up in Japan, which mean the spring festival is just around the corner - Hinamatsuri! Hinamatsuri (ひなまつり), also known as Dolls Festival, is one of the five seasonal ”sekku” festivals celebrated throughout the year. Celebrated on the 3rd of March every year, Hinamatsuri is also sometimes referred to as “Girls’ Day”, as it is a special day for families to pray for their daughters' future success and happiness. During the festival, families display ornate ceramic dolls dressed in robes which represent an ancient Japanese imperial court. Recently, > Read More

Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary Merchandise: The Happiest Celebration!

It’s been 35 years since Tokyo Disneyland opened as the first theme park in the Tokyo Disney Resort. Ever since, generations of Disney fans have made special memories at the Tokyo Disney Resort. The celebrations started in April 2018 and will continue until March 2019, spanning across both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. To celebrate 35 years of happy memories, Disney has gone all out in producing limited-edition merchandise for the anniversary. Alongside exclusive items featuring beloved Disney characters, the 35th Anniversary collection is made even more special with > Read More

Hanafuda – Japan’s Answer to Playing Cards 🎴

What is Hanfuda? Before the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh trading card games, Hanafuda was the original card game obsession in Japan! Hanafuda (花札, literally “flower cards”) are Japanese playing cards with a long history in Japanese culture. A Hanafuda card deck is made up of 48 cards in twelve suits, each suit corresponding with a month and its associated flower. There are several ways to play with Hanafuda cards, but the shared objective of each game is to score the highest amounts of points by making combinations with cards known as “yaku.” Outside of Japan, Hanafuda is also widely played in > Read More

Nendoroid More – the best accessories to get “more” out of your Nendoroids

The Nendoroid figure series by Good Smile Company is one of the most popular figure lines with otaku due to their irresistible cuteness and potential for customizability. A standard Nendoroid figure is fully articulated and usually comes with several interchangeable faceplates and accessories. Even with all these included parts, do you ever feel like you want to take your Nendoroid collection even further? From making your favorite characters transform into adorable animals to adding to your Nendoroid’s expression collection, Nendoroid More has you covered. Read on to see our top picks of > Read More

ZOZOTOWN Shopping Guide: How to buy from ZOZOTOWN

What is Zozotown? ZOZOTOWN is Japan’s leading online fashion retailer and the official retailer for over 6000 popular brands. Whether you are after international luxury brands, Harajuku fashion labels or Japanese streetwear, on ZOZOTOWN you are sure to find something to suit your style. ZOZOTOWN is also the home of Japanese brands such as BAPE, Beams, Comme des Garcons and many more. ZOZOTOWN is the company behind the rather kooky-looking Zozosuit, a full body suit designed to capture your measurements in 3D. Alongside the Zozosuit is the ZOZO branded line, which consists of fashion > Read More

Japanese planners and stationery for organizing your life in 2019

January is the time for New Year’s resolutions and bettering yourself and what better place to start than with your journal - where all the organizational magic happens. As Japan is the undisputed king of all things stationery, we suggest that you take some inspiration from the Land of the Rising Sun when it comes to getting a planner. Read on to see Japan’s offerings for planners and other innovative organizational stationery! Hobonichi Techo The Hobonichi Techo is one of the most well-known planners to come from Japan, produced and manufactured by the company Hobo Nikkan Itoi > Read More

Fukubukuro 2019 – Japan’s Lucky Bags

What is fukubukuro? Every year hundreds of brave shoppers flock to Japan’s shopping districts in order to participate in “hatsu uri” (初売り), or the first sales of the new year. You can expect great bargains during this time, but Japan also adds their own twist to new year’s shopping with fukubukuro! Fukubukuro (福袋), or “lucky bags” in English, are Japan’s answer to the humble grab bag. Stores bundle a variety of goodies into sealed bags and sell them at a heavily discounted flat-rate price. Traditionally what is inside the fukubukuro is left a mystery until opening, but recently many stores > Read More

Yahoo! Auctions Shopping Guide: How to buy from Yahoo Auctions Japan

What is Yahoo! Auctions Japan? Yahoo! Auctions (often abbreviated to Yafuoku or Y!A) is Japan’s most popular auction site, with millions of items being bought and sold every day. With both companies and individuals selling their wares, the variety available on Yahoo! Auctions is unbeatable. If you are looking for rare Japanese second-hand items or want a second chance on a release you missed, Yahoo! Auctions is the place for you! From popular streetwear like BAPE and Supreme to otaku goodies, Yahoo! Auctions has tons of great items for great prices. Unfortunately, these auctions are > Read More