13 Anime Swimsuit Figures to Keep Your Summer Sizzling

There may be no better way to beat the summer heat than re-watching “beach episodes” from your favorite anime in the air-conditioned comfort of your own home. If outdoor activities are the last thing on your summer to-do list, make sure you check out our roundup of the best anime swimsuit figures being released in 2017. Enjoy! Phat Company – Granblue Fantasy: Io 1/7-Scale Summer Ver. (January 2017) Inspired by Io’s “Little Lady of Midsummer” outfit, this playful figure captures her childish delight upon peering out to sea for the first time. The delicate frills of Io’s bikini flutter in > Read More

Traditional Japanese Summer Items

Carefully watching and celebrating the passing of the seasons is a key part of Japanese culture, and a tradition that can be seen from the earliest Japanese art up to the present day. With the keen attention paid to the signs of the seasons, some items and patterns indelibly symbolize summer in Japan. You may have noticed these yourself, whether when visiting or just from watching your favorite Japanese shows or films. From traditional ways to beat the heat to seasonal patterns, read on to find out more about summer in Japan, and how to get that quintessentially Japanese summer look at > Read More

14 Upcoming Anime Figures to Add to Your 2017 Summer Plans

Packed with a lineup of new Nendoroids, long-awaited re-releases, anniversary celebrations, and more, our list of upcoming anime figures for summer 2017 highlights the most anticipated collectibles coming out of Japan this season. Keep reading to see if your favorite characters made the cut! MegaHouse – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2: Lelouch Lamperouge & Kururugi Suzaku (June 2017) Megahouse’s Code Geass 10th Anniversary Lelouch and Kururugi figures are so detailed you might need the Power of Kings just to decide which angle to display them. The 99th Emperor of Britannia > Read More

Popular cosplay looks in Japan – Winter/Spring 2017

Anime convention season is coming up! Have you prepared all of your cosplay looks yet? If you’re still mulling over what character is just right for you this summer, why not check out some of the looks Japanese cosplayers are loving this year? Stay on top of cosplay trends - here are some of the costumes that had strong showings at Comiket 91, Wonder Festival, Anime Japan 2017 and more events over recent months. Kemono Friends Get the look - Serval It’s hard to resist the appeal of an opportunity to rock cat ears and a tail, especially when you can kick it up a notch by dressing as > Read More

10 Japanese Stress Relief Products: From Shouting Vases to Squeezing Faces

Stress is everywhere—at work, at school, at home—but with the right tools, managing some of the pressures of everyday life can be easy. From a country known for long work hours, cram schools, and tiny apartments, comes 10 fun Japanese stress relief products to help you get your daily rest and relaxation. > Read More

Popular Mobile Games in Japan

The rise of smartphones has led to the rise of mobile games, and every day millions of people all over the world are losing themselves in worlds inside their phone, tapping, sliding, and shaking from morning to night. Japan is no different - but many of the top games inside Japan seem to not make it over the border. We think that’s a shame, so we’ve picked 11 top titles that we think you should try playing. People just can't get enough of these characters, meaning that anime versions are imminent for several of these games. Find one that intrigues you and give it a go! GranBlue > Read More

10 New Anime Figure Releases to Add to Your Wish List for Spring 2017

Whether browsing the web for the latest anime figure releases or searching for that must-have memento from your favorite series, we’ve got your wish list covered with these 10 new anime figures coming out in spring 2017. > Read More

8 Romantic Anime Figures That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we think you should keep the romance going throughout the month! Whether you celebrate by sharing a romantic date with your special someone or treat yourself to a little chocolate, this holiday is a sweet reminder to cherish the things you love. For otaku, of course, that means getting new anime figures! From dreamy weddings and candy-covered hearts to OTPs and waifu, these eight figures will have you asking, “Will you be my Valentine?” all year long. > Read More

11 Japanese Winter Clothes, Kitchenware, & Heaters to Keep You Warm

Unlike some Western cultures that use central heat to keep the home comfortable during winter months, many parts of Japan rely on alternative methods for staying warm. From traditional Japanese winter clothes to space-age blankets, here are 10 must-own products that will keep you warm on the coldest night, plus one that will make you very, very “cool.” > Read More

Best Anime Figures Scheduled for Release in Winter 2016/2017

If your New Year’s resolution is to expand your figure collection, then you’ve come to the right place! This shopping list not only represents some of best anime figures of the winter season, but also foreshadows a year of long-awaited anime franchises returning in 2017. From One-Punch Man to Fate/Stay Night, check out our top picks for winter 2016/2017! > Read More