Top 5 Anime Available for Streaming on Netflix

The Netflix catalog is ever expanding and recently the streaming service has also been upping its otaku game by offering a vast range of high-quality anime. From classic series to in-house-produced productions, there is something for the hard-core anime nerd to the newbie just getting into the genre. We know how easy it is to fall victim to endlessly scrolling to find the perfect show but look no further, as we have chosen our top five picks of anime currently available on Netflix. Enjoy! This titles below were available on US Netflix as of late October 2018. Aggretsuko Sanrio’s > Read More

Halloween Costume Roundup from Shibuya, Tokyo 2018

Over the past few years, Shibuya has become the hub of Halloween celebrations in Tokyo. Over one million (yes, one million!) people visit Shibuya over the Halloween weekend parading their costumes well into the night. FROM JAPAN was also part of the crowd in Shibuya this Halloween, where we witnessed hundreds of amazing costumes throughout the day. Take a look at some of our favorites from Shibuya's 2018 Halloween extravaganza! Halloween Costumes from Shibuya, Tokyo 2018 We loved this self-multilating doctor's costume as it stood out, even against the crowds in Shibuya! These > Read More

Ditto Transforms! The weirdest and most wonderful Pokemon merchandise series

The past few years have been somewhat of a Ditto renaissance in the Pokeworld. The Pokemon Center releases more and more Ditto-featured merchandise every season and he is even the missing link to catching the previously undiscovered Meltan and legendary Mew the in recent Pokemon Go events. This little critter has managed to gain celebrity status from his humble beginnings as a gimmick Pokemon from Generation One, but it’s no surprise, as he’s just so gosh-darn adorable! We want to spread some Ditto love at FROM JAPAN, so enjoy our collection of some of the most adorable and charming products > Read More

Happy Halloween 2018! Spooky Goodies Hot from Japan

It’s already the spookiest time of year again! Even though celebrating Halloween has only just gained traction in Japan in recent years, department stores and supermarkets have gone all out with Halloween decorations, decking their shelves with ghoulish goodies. We want to sprinkle some Halloween spirit into your lives too, so we have collected some of the cutest and fun Halloween collections from Japan. Enjoy! Pokemon Halloween 2018: We are Team Trick and Team Treat While unfortunately there has yet to be an announcement on a Pokemon Go Halloween event, Pokemon Center has pulled out > Read More

Hypnosis Mic – Division Ranking Result

If you are a regular on the Otaku Twittersphere, then you will already know about Hypnosis Mic - Division Rap Battle - (known by fans as HypMic). But for those living under a rock for the past year, Hypmic is a mixed-media project that combines anime visuals and rap music with a dystopian background where eponymous Hypnosis Mic is used to harness the human voice as a weapon. The 12 original characters divvied up into three MC groups, rap-battling it out across Tokyo to expand their territorial “Divisions”. The unique concept has been a hit, amassing thousands of dedicated fans around the > Read More

Interview Roundup of Japanese Cosplay Girls at Comiket (Comic Market) 94

Sailor Moon Cosplay Girl Interview Watch our interview with the cosplayer who puts the pretty in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon! 💖 As Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is one of the most beloved anime series both in Japan and around the world, it was no surprise that we were able to find many of the Sailor Soldiers at Summer Comiket 94. But this Sailor Moon cosplayer caught our eye with her sexy take on the classic magical girl character. Check out our interview with this cosplay girl. Click to find your own Sailor Moon cosplay and more! Love Live! Honoka and Kotori Cosplay Girls > Read More

Back to school – otaku style!

Updated in August 2018 to add fresh items. Enjoy! Are you excited to go back to school? There’s nothing like that back-to-school feeling - the thrill of newness, excitement to see old and new friends, the slight tinge of sadness that summer is ending, the anticipation of the cool autumn chill in the air… One of the BEST things is back-to-school shopping, and stationery paradise Japan has some of the most covetable equipment for any school bag. You can show your love for your favorite characters from any genre down to the last pencil shaving. Whether you’re K12 or post-graduate, or even if > Read More

Japanese Paper Craft Kits: Amazing Miniature Worlds Await!

There is a world of Japanese paper craft ready to be discovered! From DIY miniatures, to mechanical toys and shadowboxes, these models require only patience and a handful of inexpensive crafting tools. Best of all, there are so many unique kits to choose from that there’s something ideal for every paper craft enthusiast. Narrowing down which kit to begin with might be tricky, so here’s a list of 10 popular Japanese paper craft series to help get you started. > Read More

Japanese Condiments: 8 Seasonings Beyond Simple Soy Sauce

What’s the secret to Japan’s world-famous cuisine: is it the indescribable umami of dashi, the delicately sticky texture of Japanese rice, or the subtle, clean flavor of fresh ingredients? Each of these culinary characteristics has a unique place in Japanese cuisine, but there is one category of ingredients that can take even the finest dish to new flavorful depths—Japanese condiments. Although Japan offers an extensive list of condiments, ranging from tangy and sweet to spicy, we’re highlighting eight of the country’s must-try seasonings and sauces that will expand your Japanese epicurean > Read More

Kitan Club Cat Hats: Cute Costume Headwear for Kitties

Japan is full of impeccably well-dressed pets, offering a broad range of pet clothes and costumes for both dogs and cats. Innovative capsule toy maker Kitan Club, the quirky geniuses behind such hits as Cup no Fuchiko and Putitto, have perfected the art of simple kitty transformations with their Neko no Kaburimono series. Whirlwind Japanese lesson: neko is cat, and no is the possessive particle. Just like kimono comes from kiru + mono = a thing you wear, kaburu + mono = a thing you wear on your head! The most literal translation might be Cats’ Headwear, but we can never resist a rhyme - > Read More