Japanese Paper Craft Kits: Amazing Miniature Worlds Await!

There is a world of Japanese paper craft ready to be discovered! From DIY miniatures, to mechanical toys and shadowboxes, these models require only patience and a handful of inexpensive crafting tools. Best of all, there are so many unique kits to choose from that there’s something ideal for every paper craft enthusiast. Narrowing down which kit to begin with might be tricky, so here’s a list of 10 popular Japanese paper craft series to help get you started. > Read More

Japanese Condiments: 8 Seasonings Beyond Simple Soy Sauce

What’s the secret to Japan’s world-famous cuisine: is it the indescribable umami of dashi, the delicately sticky texture of Japanese rice, or the subtle, clean flavor of fresh ingredients? Each of these culinary characteristics has a unique place in Japanese cuisine, but there is one category of ingredients that can take even the finest dish to new flavorful depths—Japanese condiments. Although Japan offers an extensive list of condiments, ranging from tangy and sweet to spicy, we’re highlighting eight of the country’s must-try seasonings and sauces that will expand your Japanese epicurean > Read More

Kitan Club Cat Hats: Cute Costume Headwear for Kitties

Japan is full of impeccably well-dressed pets, offering a broad range of pet clothes and costumes for both dogs and cats. Innovative capsule toy maker Kitan Club, the quirky geniuses behind such hits as Cup no Fuchiko and Putitto, have perfected the art of simple kitty transformations with their Neko no Kaburimono series. Whirlwind Japanese lesson: neko is cat, and no is the possessive particle. Just like kimono comes from kiru + mono = a thing you wear, kaburu + mono = a thing you wear on your head! The most literal translation might be Cats’ Headwear, but we can never resist a rhyme - > Read More

Best Japanese Anime Figure Brands for Beginning Collectors

Japanese anime figure brands have a knack for encapsulating the essence of your favorite characters into covetable collectibles. With thousands of figures to choose from, however, how is an English-speaking otaku to navigate the vast world of possibilities? While our list is far from conclusive, it represents the most time-honored and best-selling figure series manufactured in Japan. Read on to decide which series to begin your collection with! Max Factory Established in 1987, Max Factory first gained fame as a garage kit manufacturer. While it still produces model kits through its PLAMAX > Read More

Japanese House Slippers to Keep You Comfortable Year-Round

Whether you want to step into the sole of Japanese culture, improve your health from the toes up, or simply make your staycation a little cozier, you can find a pair of indoor footwear to fit your needs with our list of Japanese house slippers, shoes, sandals. Japanese Shoe Size Charts Japan uses a different measuring system than Western countries, so it’s important to make sure you know your size before you buy. Check out our sizing guide for Japanese clothing, or the Japanese shoe size charts below. Adults Source: Claus Färber on Wikimedia Kids Source: Claus Färber on > Read More

Happy Year of the Dog! Canine Cuties from Japan to start the New Year

Happy New Year! 2018 is the Year of the Dog, to the joy of puppy fans all over the world. In these early January days, dog-themed decorations both traditional and modern cover every storefront in Japan, not to mention countless thoughtful New Year's greeting cards. As we all contemplate the beginning of a new year, we're thinking of how to bring some more doggo delight into your 2018 - starting with these Year of the Dog items, as well as our fave Japanese canine cuties. Enjoy! Year of the Dog Items Osomatsu-san: Year of the Dog WCF The Matsuno brothers are dress-up masters, and the > Read More

10 Popular Anime Figures to Warm Your Heart in Winter 2017/2018

Each year, the return of winter brings with it toasty traditions, New Year’s nostalgia, and a seasonal selection of top-tier collectibles! From long-awaited re-releases to upcoming limited editions, this list spotlights 10 of the most popular anime figures that are sure to warm any otaku’s heart—even during the coldest months of the year. Stronger – Puella Magi Madoka Magica “Rebellion” Movie Ultimate Madoka 1/8-Scale Figure (December 2017) This flying figure of Ultimate Madoka sculpted by shojo virtuoso Katsuyoshi Miyajima is a 1/8-scale Stronger masterpiece that flows with delicate > Read More

Christmas Anime Figures 2017: Give the Gift of Anime!

Winter is here, presents are near, and Japan has a sleigh full of anime figures to bring home for the holidays! It’s time to get in the Christmas spirit with our wish list of 2017’s most festive releases. Good Smile Company – Nendoroid & Figma Multi-Use Muffler (January 2017) If your favorite anime character doesn’t have a holiday figure variant, there’s no reason to have a blue Christmas! Good Smile Company’s limited-edition Multi-Use Muffler can instantly warm up almost any Nendoroid or Figma figure throughout the winter months. Simply place the knotted scarf between the figure’s > Read More

9 High-Quality Anime Figure Releases to Own in Fall 2017

Whip out your wish lists, because fall 2017 is an absolute exhibition of anime and JRPG figures, especially for static collectible enthusiasts! Featuring best-selling series like Sword Art Online, Yuri!! on Ice, and Free!, this season’s list highlights nine of the most anticipated high-quality anime figures coming out of Japan, including new releases, re-releases, and exclusives sets. Alter – Love Live! School Idol Festival: Eli Ayase 1/7-Scale Figure (September 2017) Based on her post-Idolized Maid Café card in the Love Live! School Idol Festival game app, Eli’s apparel is a mesmerizing > Read More

13 Anime Swimsuit Figures to Keep Your Summer Sizzling

There may be no better way to beat the summer heat than re-watching “beach episodes” from your favorite anime in the air-conditioned comfort of your own home. If outdoor activities are the last thing on your summer to-do list, make sure you check out our roundup of the best anime swimsuit figures being released in 2017. Enjoy! Phat Company – Granblue Fantasy: Io 1/7-Scale Summer Ver. (January 2017) Inspired by Io’s “Little Lady of Midsummer” outfit, this playful figure captures her childish delight upon peering out to sea for the first time. The delicate frills of Io’s bikini flutter in > Read More