Guide to Bearbrick: The origins, how to buy, where to buy and much more!

What is Bearbrick? Bearbrick (stylized as BE@RBRICK) is a series of bear-shaped designer toys by Medicom Toy Inc and are most often sold in “blind box” assortments. The design is a variant of another popular line by Medicom, the Kubrick. Each figure appears as an anthropomorphized bear with a pot belly. Bearbricks are articulated, with the head, waist, arms, wrists, and legs all able to swivel. The first ever Bearbrick was released in 2001, as a gift to visitors of the World Character Convention 12 in Tokyo. Not long after their initial debut, Bearbricks became a must-have collectible not > Read More

Holiday Item Roundup 2018: The must-have Japanese Christmas merch of the festive season!

How are you spending the holidays this year? If it’s anything like us then you’ll have a wishlist full of otaku goodies this year too. If you need some help writing up your Christmas list to send off to the North Pole, we have you covered. Read on to see our “nice list” for this season’s festive releases. Enjoy! Pokemon Christmas Collection 2018 Whether you are looking for the perfect present for a Pokemaniac or want to put a nerdy twist on your holiday celebrations look no further than this year’s Pokemon Christmas collection! Pikachu and Eevee join Mew and the Kanto Starters in > Read More

Happy Halloween 2018! Spooky Goodies Hot from Japan

It’s already the spookiest time of year again! Even though celebrating Halloween has only just gained traction in Japan in recent years, department stores and supermarkets have gone all out with Halloween decorations, decking their shelves with ghoulish goodies. We want to sprinkle some Halloween spirit into your lives too, so we have collected some of the cutest and fun Halloween collections from Japan. Enjoy! Pokemon Halloween 2018: We are Team Trick and Team Treat While unfortunately there has yet to be an announcement on a Pokemon Go Halloween event, Pokemon Center has pulled out > Read More

9 Japanese Candy Kits & Toys to Keep Your Kid Cookin’ Up a Storm

Leave it to the ingenious ideas of Japanese candy and toy companies like Kracie, Meiji, and Bandai to bring countless hours of hands-on fun for kids and parents alike. Known in Japan as “educational confectioneries,” the DIY candy kits below go far beyond colorful wrappers and extreme flavors, giving chefs-in-training the chance to explore colors, tastes, and textures while developing fine motor skills, practicing patience, and learning how to follow instructions. Keep reading to find out FROM JAPAN’s top Japanese candy kit picks that will have your kids cookin' up a storm! > Read More

10 Japanese Puzzles to Train Your Brain

Few pastimes sharpen the mind like a good puzzle, and few countries craft puzzles like Japan. Over the centuries, Japan has mastered the art of piecing together entertaining puzzles in deceptively simple designs. Whether you desire to hone your problem-solving skills or seek a challenge to test your intelligence, check out our list of 10 Japanese puzzles that will have you scratching your head for hours of frustrating fun! Japanese Wood Puzzles Traditional Yosegi Puzzle Box For over a century and a half, traditional Yosegi Puzzle Boxes have riddled the minds and captured the hearts of > Read More

Become One with the Force with Bandai Star Wars Vehicle Models

With details rivaling those of their big-screen counterparts, Bandai’s ever-increasing collection of Star Wars vehicles features a mastery of hobby model kits unequaled in this galaxy. In celebration of Disney’s latest theatrical release Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we’ve put together a list of 10 high-bounty collectibles that are guaranteed to make any Star Wars fan one with the Force. Bandai Rebel Alliance / Resistance Vehicle Models 1/72-Scale Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon This Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon is no hunk of junk. As part of Bandai’s most prestigious model kit line, the > Read More

10 Popular Anime Figures to Warm Your Heart in Winter 2017/2018

Each year, the return of winter brings with it toasty traditions, New Year’s nostalgia, and a seasonal selection of top-tier collectibles! From long-awaited re-releases to upcoming limited editions, this list spotlights 10 of the most popular anime figures that are sure to warm any otaku’s heart—even during the coldest months of the year. Stronger – Puella Magi Madoka Magica “Rebellion” Movie Ultimate Madoka 1/8-Scale Figure (December 2017) This flying figure of Ultimate Madoka sculpted by shojo virtuoso Katsuyoshi Miyajima is a 1/8-scale Stronger masterpiece that flows with delicate > Read More

Fullmetal Alchemist Merchandise Worthy of Transmuting into Your Collection

One of the most popular shonen series of all time, Fullmetal Alchemist has conjured a legion of fans worldwide with video game spin-offs, anime adaptations, light novels, and more trailing in the wake of its original 2001 manga release. With a live-action film coming out December 2017, now is a great time to begin building your transmutation circles to summon FMA merchandise and figures into your collection. Hook on your automail arm and prepare your pyro-powered snap, because our list of collectibles is fit for a State Alchemist! Fullmetal Alchemist Figures Back in summer 2017, we > Read More

Christmas Anime Figures 2017: Give the Gift of Anime!

Winter is here, presents are near, and Japan has a sleigh full of anime figures to bring home for the holidays! It’s time to get in the Christmas spirit with our wish list of 2017’s most festive releases. Good Smile Company – Nendoroid & Figma Multi-Use Muffler (January 2017) If your favorite anime character doesn’t have a holiday figure variant, there’s no reason to have a blue Christmas! Good Smile Company’s limited-edition Multi-Use Muffler can instantly warm up almost any Nendoroid or Figma figure throughout the winter months. Simply place the knotted scarf between the figure’s > Read More

Best Japanese Justice League Figures: Kotobukiya, S.H. Figuarts & More

Celebrating a nearly 60-year run of genre-defining comics, cartoons, and cinema, the Justice League continues its unwavering duty of uniting DC Comics’ legendary lineup of idolized icons against formidable foes no hero could save the world from alone. In anticipation of the team’s first big-screen blockbuster Justice League smashing into theaters this year, we’ve put together a list of must-have Japanese figures that any collector would be proud to assemble in their display case! Justice League Figure Series Kotobukiya – ARTFX+: Justice League Movie Figure Series (December 2017–January > Read More