Japanese Wooden Toys to Help Your Child’s Imagination Take Root

From spinning tops to building blocks, wooden toys are nostalgic timestamps for parents with fond memories of playtimes past. Recognizing the eco-friendly, soothing properties of wood, many Japanese toy manufacturers are aiming to get contemporary children back in touch with nature through finely crafted toys that are fun to play with. Keep reading to learn more about some of Japan’s many unique wooden toys for kids that can help your child’s imagination and motor skills take root, branch out, and blossom! 11 Japanese Wooden Toys for Tots to Teens Anomatopée First Toy Series The > Read More

Epoch Capsule Collection – capsule toys for every animal lover

Japan is world famous for the staggering range of capsule toys (also called gashapon or gachapon) available almost everywhere you go - from train stations to super markets. To demonstrate the breadth of fun items on offer, we'll introduce you to just the tiniest slice: the animal figurines from Epoch's capsule toy line Capsule Collection. From strange, to adorable, to strangely adorable and adorably strange, these little animals are both uniquely Japanese and universally appealing. Cats The Cat-Block The Cat-Block (じゃま猫) It's a scene every cat owner knows well - you were just ready to > Read More

9 High-Quality Anime Figure Releases to Own in Fall 2017

Whip out your wish lists, because fall 2017 is an absolute exhibition of anime and JRPG figures, especially for static collectible enthusiasts! Featuring best-selling series like Sword Art Online, Yuri!! on Ice, and Free!, this season’s list highlights nine of the most anticipated high-quality anime figures coming out of Japan, including new releases, re-releases, and exclusives sets. Alter – Love Live! School Idol Festival: Eli Ayase 1/7-Scale Figure (September 2017) Based on her post-Idolized Maid Café card in the Love Live! School Idol Festival game app, Eli’s apparel is a mesmerizing > Read More

Cu-Poche – adorable pocket-size action figures

Do you know Cu-Poche? These adorable action figures are pint-size perfection! Standing around 110 mm tall, they offer fourteen points of articulation to give you near-infinite posing options. Cu-Poche, or キューポッシュ in Japanese, are named for their two key qualities - they’re cute and they fit in your pocket, or poche in French. As well as being fully poseable, Cu-Poche parts are also interchangeable, opening up even further possibilities for brand-new remixes and situations. With a wide selection of both Cu-Poche versions of your favorite anime and game characters as well as original designs and > Read More

Pokemon Gashapon: “Gacha Gacha” Catch ’Em All!

We’ve searched the “tall grass” for the most popular Pokemon gashapon and created this list of collectibles worthy of adding to your Pokedex of playthings. Select your starter and pin on your Gym Badge, because these wild gashapon have appeared—and you’ll want to “catch ’em all!” Pokemon Gashapon Figures 1/40 Scale Real Pokemon Figures XY For Pokemasters with a penchant for scaled-down sculptures or the XY generation, Takara Tomy’s Real Pokemon Figures (currently in its fourth series) are the perfect way to upgrade your collection. Each colorful Pokemon is proportionally sized at 1/40 > Read More

13 Anime Swimsuit Figures to Keep Your Summer Sizzling

There may be no better way to beat the summer heat than re-watching “beach episodes” from your favorite anime in the air-conditioned comfort of your own home. If outdoor activities are the last thing on your summer to-do list, make sure you check out our roundup of the best anime swimsuit figures being released in 2017. Enjoy! Phat Company – Granblue Fantasy: Io 1/7-Scale Summer Ver. (January 2017) Inspired by Io’s “Little Lady of Midsummer” outfit, this playful figure captures her childish delight upon peering out to sea for the first time. The delicate frills of Io’s bikini flutter in > Read More

Spider-Man Figures: The Best of S.H. Figuarts, Nendoroid & More

With a spectacular lineup spanning countless comic book titles, nine cartoons, and three cinematic franchises, Spider-Man’s radioactive résumé continues to capture new fans in his web of wonder with each new plot thread he spins. In anticipation of Spidey’s next big-screen blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming swinging into theaters this July, we’ve put together a list of must-have Spider-Man figures from Japan that any True Believer would be proud to show off! S.H. Figuarts – “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Figure Besides this figure’s uncanny ability to re-enact your favorite comic book poses > Read More

14 Upcoming Anime Figures to Add to Your 2017 Summer Plans

Packed with a lineup of new Nendoroids, long-awaited re-releases, anniversary celebrations, and more, our list of upcoming anime figures for summer 2017 highlights the most anticipated collectibles coming out of Japan this season. Keep reading to see if your favorite characters made the cut! MegaHouse – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2: Lelouch Lamperouge & Kururugi Suzaku (June 2017) Megahouse’s Code Geass 10th Anniversary Lelouch and Kururugi figures are so detailed you might need the Power of Kings just to decide which angle to display them. The 99th Emperor of Britannia > Read More

9 of the Most Kawaii Cat Gashapon You’ll Ever Collect

From novelty cat cafés to famous cat islands like Aoshima, Japan definitely has a thing for cuddly kitties. So, it’s no surprise that each year Japan’s capsule toy industry continues to release an ever-growing number of oh-so-cute cat gashapon. While there are many purr-fectly charming Japanese products available for kitty lovers, we’re here to let the cat out of the bag by showcasing nine of the most kawaii collectibles to ever come rolling out of a gacha gacha machine. Anicolla Series Buneko Keychains Despite how adorable cats look walking around the house all dressed up, they don’t > Read More

Japanese Board Games & More: 11 Picks to Shake Up Game Night

Whether providing a challenge, a thrill, or a good laugh, Japanese games are all about the joy of competing with others. So, in the spirit of playtime, FROM JAPAN has put together this list of 11 fun-for-everyone games that will give your next family night a truly Japanese twist! Japanese Board Games Shogi Much like its Western counterpart chess, Shogi pits two teams of noble classes against each other in a battle for board supremacy. Each class has a fixed manner of movement, and certain classes can be promoted with more versatile abilities if they reach the other side of the board. > Read More