Why Is Gunpla So Addictive?

Gunpla is a satisfying and quickly addictive hobby but can be overwhelming to anyone trying to get started. FROMJAPAN is here to give you a closer look at the popular series that make up the huge selection of Gundam model kits. > Read More

One Piece Figures: More than Just Collectibles

One Piece is widely recognized throughout Japan as the most popular manga currently available, which can easily be understood due to its compelling story line and well-written characters. The series has never stopped building momentum since its early days in 1997, and has now become a worldwide sensation selling more than 345 million volumes. And of course, with any popular franchise, the demand for licensed merchandise is never far behind. > Read More

The Joy of Disney Meets Tomica: The Disney Tomica and Disney Motor Series

Tomica has two series that feature Disney characters—Disney Tomica (D) and Disney Motors (DM). The quickest way to distinguish one from the other is by the series numbers. Also, D model cars are existing car models reinvented to look like Disney characters while the DM model cars are fictional vehicles using the Disney. > Read More

The Dream Tomica Series: Top Choices

Tomica has been a leader in innovation since it opened its doors for business in 1970. One of the highlights of Tomica die-cast models is the Dream Tomica Series, which are models inspired by popular children’s characters. > Read More

A Brief History about Tomica and It’s Amazing Die-Cast Cars

Tomica began in 1970 under the company banner, Tomy Kogyo Company Inc. Its business product was die-cast model cars for children, and the head of the company was Eijiro Tomiyama. Tomiyama has seven patents as an inventor, including a motor driven rolling toy (1972), a toy parking garage (1972), and a track device for toy cars (1972). > Read More

What Is the Tomica Limited Series?

The Tomica Limited (TL) series were produced from 2001 to 2013. The target of this series was collectors and true lovers of Tomica. The detailing on the TL series is impeccable with realistic-looking parts like rubberized plastic tires, emblems, and color schemes. Many of the cars in the TL series were popular in their day, discontinued regular models, or new models like the Toyota AA, the 2004 MINI Cooper, and the Nissan Skyline GTB. There are also a couple of models that are not found in the regular series like the Lexus GS300 and the LFA Super Car, as well as racing versions and other types > Read More

Japanese Pokemon Figures Guide & Overview

Pokemon figures are made by or for different companies for purposes other than to promote the Pokemon game. For example, the Chibi Poke Models by Tomy Takara was made for the Nagatanien Company Limited in Japan in 2007 to help promote their instant food products. The Chibi Poke Models were tiny figurines with intricate detailing of the Pokemon characters from Gen 1 and 2, namely, Johto and Kanto. Other Pokemon figures that are in demand up to today as part of a collection or hobby The Chou Getto figures were sold from the Bandai gashapon machines, the Japanese version of coin-operated > Read More

The Rarest Pokemon Plush Toys: An Overview

Pokemon, a Japanese media franchise owned by Nintendo, was launched in 1996 and is a contraction of Pocket Monsters. On its launch year, the Pokemon plush toys were also introduced like the Bell Plush or the Suzunari Pokemon Plush. This was a series of 3 sets totaling 49 plush toys by Banpresto which stopped production in 1997. These plush toys are about 3 inches high and are sold with a cord and a bell. Many collectors consider these 49 toys to be the rarest of all Pokemon plush toys. In fact, they are now selling for as much as $150 each. > Read More

Improve Your Tamiya Mini 4WD Performance with Tune-Up Parts!

It is undeniable that there are owners of Tamiya Mini 4WD who want to upgrade their miniature car in order to achieve full speed. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the speed and stability of a Tamiya Mini 4WD. How? Simply by replacing their standard parts with upgraded parts. There are many available upgraded parts that are sold in the market. > Read More

The Connection Between Dash! Yonkuro and Tamiya 4WD Revealed!

If you are into anime series and car racing tournaments, then do not dare to miss Dash! Yonkuro. It is an anime television series that was based on the Tamiya Mini 4WD. For those who do not know about Dash! Yonkuro and what the Tamiya Mini 4WD is, this article will help you to understand about both. > Read More