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Start the New Year Right with Schedule Books and Planners from Japan

Updated in October 2019 to add fresh items. Enjoy!

Even in our increasingly digital age, many Japanese people prefer to do their planning and scheduling on paper. Maybe it’s because studies show writing things down by hand means you’ll remember them better – or maybe it’s just because it’s hard to resist the astounding range of planners and stationery on offer, from purely practical to bursting with fun.

Browse our pick of 2020 diaries and planners below – and read on for handy tools to keep you organized in style. A must-see for stationery lovers!

Anime Characters

Start your year with bold otaku flair – get a planner inspired by your favorite anime!

Sanrio and San-X Characters

Japan is top of the league when it comes to loveable characters. From slick and stylized to in-your-face kawaii, your favorite character probably appears on a planner that suits your style to a T.


As one of the top stationery producers in the world, Japan has you covered for everything your heart might desire to help plan out your everyday life!

Diary Stickers

Stickers for your diary or planner are a genre of their own in Japan. Typical diary stickers will be translucent so you can see the outline of your monthly calendar below. The cutest possible way to highlight big events!

Diary Stickers

Erasable Diary Stamps

From weather to mood and appointments, these stamps let you track any number of things in your calendar or diary. And if your plans should change, these stamps can be erased without a trace using the rubber-tipped cap!

Erasable Diary Stamps

Book Band Pencil Case

Book Band Pencil Cases are made to let you keep your favorite pens and other stationery staples right where you need them – with your planner! The elastic band loops around your planner or any other book for a wonderfully simple storage solution.

Book Band Pencil Case