9 Japanese Umbrellas That Will Keep You Dry in Style

In Japan, it often seems that when it rains, it pours. From frequent showers in early summer to a six-month season for typhoons, it is no wonder Japanese residents own an average of 3.3 umbrellas per person, compared to the world average of 2.4 (based on a SunnyComb world survey). It’s impossible to show you all the rain gear the country has to offer, but these nine Japanese umbrellas represent some of the most creative, convenient, and fun products currently on the market, and are sure to make you feel right as rain during the next downpour.

Japanese Umbrellas That Will Keep You Dry in Style

Please note that due to the length of many of the umbrellas listed below, specialized packing services may be required when shipping from Japan. Please take this into consideration before placing your order.


No, that’s not a misspelling. Unnurella is a portmanteau for “un-wet umbrella,” and true to its name it repels water like a duck’s back, thanks to its high-density fabric. Give the Unnurella a shake to send any lingering droplets safely away from you, and then fold up your perfectly dry umbrella. The Unnurella is available in a variety of colors and comes in both rigid and compact folding models—the latter of which can easily be stored (completely dry) in a purse or backpack after use.

May require specialized packing service.

Carry SaKASA Umbrella

The Carry SaKASA umbrella first made waves through the Japanese crowdfunding site Camp Fire, where it quickly surpassed its fund-raising goal by over 700%—but what made this umbrella such a big splash? The fact that you never have to worry about a big splash! The beauty of the Carry SaKASA is that it collapses inside out. This design ensures that any droplets not already repelled by the umbrella’s waterproof surface become “trapped” inside, keeping any person or thing near you completely dry while closing the canopy.

May require specialized packing service.

JONAS Bluetooth Umbrella

If you’re like the average person, you’re likely to lose several umbrellas in your lifetime, and possibly even a smartphone. However, you can now easily keep track of both with the help of the mustachioed JONAS Bluetooth Umbrella and its special tracking app.

Left your umbrella behind? Your phone will alert you. Left your phone behind? Your umbrella will vibrate to remind you to retrace your steps (you can also shake the umbrella to make your phone ring). Crafted using premium materials—sturdy, ultra-light aluminum for the handle and shaft, unbreakable fiberglass for the ribbing, and waterproof premium pongee for the canopy—this high-tech umbrella seems determined to weather a lifetime of storms.

Note: May require specialized packing service.

Thanko Chairbrella

Thanko knows how to capitalize on Japan’s reputation for eyebrow-raising, yet enticing, gadgets. So it’s no surprise that the company that invented the Heated Inflatable Body Pillow would find a way to make umbrellas even more useful. While not as stylish as other umbrellas featured here, the Chairbrella by Thanko is perfect for any multitasker (under 80 kg / 176 lb) caught in the rain. Once the clouds part, simply turn over the umbrella, convert the handle into a seat, find a firm surface to prop your impromptu chair against, and then soak in the jealous stares.

May require specialized packing service.

Rolling Umbrella

The Rolling Umbrella by BIBILAB is ready to revolutionize your rain routine. Designed to roll behind you like a suitcase, this umbrella has the added bonus of preventing accidental pokes to those walking close behind you, since you never have to carry your umbrella again. The bright blue wheels are made of lightweight, durable polyurethane resin that keeps the umbrella’s weight down to an easy-to-hold 670 g (24 oz), letting you (st)roll about on rainy days with ease.

Note: May require specialized packing service.


Much like Japan’s famous fake food displays, you might mistake the Vegetabrella for a real head of lettuce when it’s folded up—especially with its fun produce box packaging. The Vegetabrella is also equipped with a UV protection filter for strolls on sunny days, which means you have no excuse for “leafing” your romaine behind.

Samurai Umbrellas

Did you know that many samurai crafted umbrellas to help make money when they weren’t on the battlefield? The modern-day “Samurai” Umbrella may not look like those made by samurai of a bygone age, but these cool, compact “weapons” against the rain do pay homage to the lifestyle of the Edo warrior. Some variants of the Samurai Umbrella include mysterious designs on the canopy that only appear in the rain while others include a shoulder strap sheath that hides all but the hilt to keep curious onlookers guessing, so be sure to shop around for the perfect umbrella to take to the watery battlefield.

Note: May require specialized packing service.

Enyu – The Chosen Umbrella of Japan’s Imperial Empress

On rainy days, Japan’s Imperial Empress Michiko gracefully weathers garden parties and diplomatic soirees with the help of her iconic umbrella. For years, the world could only admire the transparent parasol from afar, but since February 2012, the White Rose Company has made the Imperial Empress Umbrella, named Enyu, available to the public.

What makes the Enyu umbrella worthy of royalty? Apart from its chic, minimalistic contours and colors (complete with tassel), the umbrella is reinforced with three layers of sturdy plastic that repel water and keep the surface shiny and clear. It also has ribs that are crafted using an aerodynamic design that allows wind to pass through hidden folds in the canopy without dragging the umbrella along with it, making it ideal for gentle hands. Seeing that the imperial family trusts White Rose’s umbrella with protecting Japan’s imperial consort, we’re sure Enyu will make you feel like royalty in the rain, too.

Note: May require specialized packing service.

Seasonal Plant’s Anime Umbrellas

Does the sight of your husbando or waifu make your heart go pitter-patter like drops of rain? Japanese umbrella manufacturer Seasonal Plants is determined to help otaku culture take the world by storm, one anime umbrella at a time. From Hatsune Miku to Fate/Stay Night, you can let your favorite idols and characters keep you dry on a cloudy day. Seasonal Plants also offers mini anime umbrellas that are perfect for displaying in your room, on your work desk, or in your locker, leaving others in little doubt that—no matter the weather—you’re one dedicated fan.

Note: May require specialized packing service.

Where to Buy Japanese Umbrellas

The umbrellas featured above might be Japanese exclusives, but don’t let that fact rain on your parade. With a proxy service like FROM JAPAN, you can easily get these umbrellas and more, and have them shipped from Japan to your doorstep just in time for the rainy season!

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