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Gacha Backpack (Takaratomy Showy Gacha)

Get the Takaratomy Gacha Backpack!

Show your love for Japanese capsule toys with this eye-catching Gacha Backpack!

This backpack not only replicates the famous Gacha machine look, it’s also fully functional! The front section of the backpack has a see-through area where you can put in and show off your beloved capsule toys, and the bottom part also has that all-too-familiar twisting mechanism that will open up to bring your toy capsules to you!

Under the pre-order phase until February 26, 2023, expected to ship in Japan on July 2023 and will be shipped out to you internationally after.

You can purchase the backpack via One Map by FROM JAPAN, where we open the door for you to Japan’s online secondhand stores and auction sites. We make it possible for you to get your hands on Japan-exclusive merch like this backpack, and you can even pre-order them from anywhere in the world no problem!

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