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Our One Map by FROM JAPAN Customer Review Event has started!

Get points from simply posting a review – You can get up to 450 FJ Points!

From today, if you post a photo or video that meets the participation requirements of our event on social media and contact us on our designated form, you’ll get a set number FJ points or coupons after confirmation within FROM JAPAN*!

*FJ Points Distribution: For entries using order numbers from FROM JAPAN items.
*Coupon Distribution: For entries using order numbers from Right Now on eBay or FROM USA items.

Redeemable Points and Coupon Value


Redeemable Points Amount

– Photo and text: 100 FJ Points
– Video and text: 150 FJ Points
*For entries using order numbers from FROM JAPAN items: FJ Points will be distributed.

Coupon Value

– Photo and text: $3 Off
– Video and text: $5 Off
*For entries using order numbers from Right Now on eBay or FROM USA items: Coupons that can be used on Right Now on eBay or FROM USA will be distributed.

Special Bonus Points (Japan only)

Photo and Text:
– If you add 3 or more related hashtags outside of our required hashtags, you’ll get +50 FJ Points.

Video and Text:
– For videos over 60 seconds in length that have subtitles or narration, you’ll get +100 FJ Points.

Post Quality:
– If your post gets more than 50 likes, you’ll get +200 FJ Points.

How do I join?


Please fill in your order number and the URL of the post you published on social networking sites on the following page and submit it. We will confirm and distribute your rewards after.

What are the conditions to join?

  • The item you will feature in your review must have been purchased from One Map after November 15, 2022.
  • From May 1, 2024 onwards, products purchased through Mercari are not eligible for the campaign.
  • You can only submit an entry once per order number, and each account holder can participate up to 2 times per month.
  • Item/s featured in one post must be from the same order number. If items with different order numbers are combined into one post,the amount of points awarded will be counted from only one post.
  • You can post your entry on any of the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, tiktok, weibo, RED, bilibili

Please note:
* All posts must be set to “public” privacy setting.
* Instagram Stories are NOT applicable for entry.
* Entries are counted after filling in the designated Google Forms.
* For entries via Facebook: Please send the URL of your review post and not your profile.
– To do this: 1) Click “Share” under your post. 2) Click “More options”. 3) Click “Copy”, and then paste the link that is copied from here on to the entry form.
* For the safety of your own and others’ personal information, please be careful not to reveal any personal information when taking photos or videos for posting.

What are the requirements for my post?

Text portion

You will need to include your thoughts on your experience using our service, such as your experience purchasing the item, delivery speed, quality of packaging, etc. (Must be over 100 characters).


Photo: Must include 3 or more real photos of the packaging or the item your purchased through us.
*Please do not include any watermarks in your photos.

Video: Must be over 15 seconds in length and is a video of the packaging or the item you purchased through us.
*Photos turned into a video slideshow do not qualify.

1) When posting on the included social media platforms, make sure to include the required hashtags on your post or tag our official One Map social media accounts.
*Required hashtags: #onemap #fromjapan
2) If you are unable to include the above hashtags or tag One Map, make sure to include our service name, One Map on your post.

Coupon and point usage conditions

Points: 1 FJ Point = 1 yen value, can be used for payment on FROM JAPAN!
*Can be used for orders over $50.
*Can be used once per person per order.
*Can only be used on Right Now on eBay or on USA items on our site. Cannot be used on Japan items.
*Cannot be used with other coupons.

About FJ Points Distribution Period

  • For entries made by the 15th of the month: Points will be distributed by the end of the same month
  • For entries made after the 15th of the month: Points will be distributed around the 15th of the next month


Other conditions

– Please give good ratings to the One Map service to the best of your ability in your submission. Articles containing defamatory or negative comments will not be allowed to participate in this event.

– If the post does not meet any of the above conditions, or if the post is confirmed to quote above a certain percentage a previously published online article or other publications, including but not limited to the inclusion of excerpts, transcriptions, or reprinting of articles outside of the entrant’s own, the entry will be disqualified and will not be able to receive any points or coupons.

– All submissions will be selected through a strict screening process. Please note that we will not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding the screening process.

– One Map reserves the right to change, modify, or terminate the event at any time without prior notice, in which case the announcement on the official website will take precedence.

– Participation in this event implies consent to the rights regulated by all national and foreign copyrights of free use as the company’s articles. This includes the right to reproduce, edit, transfer, reprint, etc. We may post your article on the One Map site as reference material or market data, or provide it to third parties for reference purposes.

– Articles published in public forums or personal blogs must remain public for at least one year and may not be deleted without permission. One Map reserves the right to request the withdrawal of points awarded in the event that the article itself is found to have been removed.