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How to buy Mercari items from One Map

How to Order from Mercari with One Map by FROM JAPAN

Edited with new information:

Starting on February 9, 2023, Mercari items can now be automatically ordered on One Map! Searching and ordering items just got easier!

What is Mercari?

Mercari’s homepage

Point 01 – More than 3 billion* items listed

One of Japan’s largest flea market services, Mercari allows anyone to easily buy and sell products. The total number of items on the site exceeds 3 billion*. With a wide variety of item categories, you are sure to find something new every time you use the service.

Point 02 – 20 million* monthly users

With more than 20 million* monthly users, you can find various products for every want and need listed on the site every day.

Point 03 – From rare finds to great bargains

With a variety of items listed every day, including rare items no longer on the market and bargains on everyday goods, now’s your chance to find the item you’re looking for.

Why shop Mercari with One Map by FROM JAPAN?

Mercari is continuing to prove to be popular amongst those not just in Japan, but among overseas users too!

So why should you buy from Mercari? Here’s why!

Secure shopping and support

One Map by FROM JAPAN provides support and performs in-house seller checks to ensure that customers shopping with Mercari for the first time can purchase items with confidence. We are here to help you with your shopping needs.

Dealing with sellers on your behalf

One Map by FROM JAPAN provides complete support from purchase to delivery. You can shop with confidence knowing that we will communicate with Mercari sellers and handle shipping procedures necessary for overseas deliveries on your behalf.

Buy items only available in Japan

One Map by FROM JAPAN allows you to purchase items that are only shipped within Japan on Mercari. We understand your desire for Japanese goods, so please use One Map by FROM JAPAN to get what you want without worrying about borders.

Below, you can see how our Proxy Shopping Service with Mercari works!


Our service gives you access to Mercari items put up for sale in Japan and we make it possible for you to buy Mercari items – no matter where you are in the world!

How to buy from Mercari with One Map by FROM JAPAN?

Today we’ll show you how you can order from Mercari via our website! It’s simple!

1) Go to the Mercari page on our website.

You can get to it by clicking the button below! It will take you to our special page for Mercari items.


2) Browse for items and if you find something you like, click on the item listing.

On the left hand side of the page, you’ll find Categories (highlighted in the red box in the image above). You can browse based on what appears here to make your search easier. The categories even have smaller categories to even further refine your search.

If you already had an item you already had in mind from Mercari’s website, you can simply copy and paste the Item URL on to our search bar like so.


Whether you’ve searched for your item by browsing our Categories or you’ve copy-and-pasted a link, you’ll be taken to a page that looks similar to the image below. This is the item listing page, where you will see things like the Item Name, Item Price, Item Size (if applicable), Item Image amongst many other details about the item you’re looking at. If your language is set to English, it will tell you which is which, but when it comes to the Item Title, the listing will show it as is based on how it was listed by the seller on Mercari’s website.


Once you’re happy that everything looks good, make sure you’re logged in and click the “Add to Cart” blue button. If you’re new to our site, make sure to register here, it’ll make sure your items get saved for easier access.

3) Proceed to checkout.

Once you have all the items you’d like to buy, click on your cart icon on the upper side of the page, so you can see what items you’ve put there.


Then, if everything looks good, click Proceed to Checkout.


4) Pay for your items then they’re finally shipped out to you!

Once you pay for the items and the processing of your payment has been succesful, your order is confirmed and the process to get them shipped to you begins.

You can also choose to consolidate your Mercari items with other items on our site so they can shipped out to you all together! You can combine items to get sent to you that have arrived at our distribution center within the same 45-day period to also save on shipping costs.

However, please note that: * Items that require special handling cannot be combined with other items. * There may be cases where we cannot pack items into a single box due to their weight and/or size.

All that’s left to do now is wait in excitement for the Mercari goodies heading your way!

Now you know how to shop on Mercari! Start shopping below!