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DimCARD Holster vol.02 Set

Looking for something handy you can store your growing collection of DimCARDs in? Well, look no further! Premium Bandai’s DimCARD Holster is perfectly sized to fit up to five Digital Monster Vital Bracelet DimCARDs. The Vol.02 holster is designed with a smooth, dark green finish and has sleek ornamental engravings, including one of the DimCARD logo.

It also comes in a set along with the Primeval Warriors DimCARD. Plug this in to your Vital Bracelet and you’ll be opened up to a new line of digivolutions featuring Wormmon. Open up your Vital Bracelet to a wider world of Digimon and pre-order your DIM Cards now on FROM JAPAN!

Set contents:
1 x DimCARD Holster
1 x Primeval Warriors DimCARD