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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fodlan Tea Break

Are you ready for a tea party? Enjoy this special edition teacup inspired by Fire Emblem: Three Houses! The “Fódlan Tea Break” is a set that comes with an original blend of tea and a teacup and saucer that appear in the game.

The “Fresberg Blend” is a special blend of high-grade tea leaves used by the Hresvelg family and specially blended for this set. The blend is richly flavored with Nilgiri and Assam to create a flavor that is light yet robust and full-bodied. Earl Grey, the royalty of flavored teas, is blended with pomegranate and the fragrance of orchids to express the high Adrestian Empire.

The luxurious design, a one-pointed flag emblem of the Holy Church of Seiros will make your tea party more elegant and festive. Search for yours now on FROM JAPAN!