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Sailor Moon Eternal: Eternal Watches

Introducing the ‘Eternal Watch’ series, a colleciton of watches based on each Sailor Senshi to celebrate the release of Sailor Moon Eternal! The luxurious design of each watch will match well with any outfit and incorporate the color of your favorite Sailor Senshi into your daily life.

The phrase, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” decorates the clock face, alongside cute stars and a sparkling moon. A moon charm, which sways cutely when you move your wrist, is also included. The product will be delivered in a box with the original design stamped on it. Pre-order yours now with FROM JAPAN!

Release Date: February 2, 2021
Expected Shipping Date: June 2021

The line up includes ten designs including the following characters:

Eternal Sailor Moon
Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon
Eternal Sailor Mercury
Eternal Sailor Mars
Eternal Sailor Jupiter
Eternal Sailor Venus
Eternal Sailor Uranus
Eternal Sailor Neptune
Eternal Sailor Pluto
Eternal Sailor Saturn