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Starbucks Japan Christmas Holidays 2022 Mugs and Tumblers Collection

Are you a Starbucks fan looking forward to what Starbucks Japan has to release every year?

Well then wait no longer, because one of their best seasons for their new collection of mugs and tumblers is here: Christmas! This 2022, Starbucks Japan released not one, but TWO collections to give you a stylish way of enjoying your coffee time. They have something for everybody (plus they make really great holiday gifts too!) As you’ll see with the images below, there are both simple and more colorful designs, so you can even match your chosen tumbler based on your (or your gift receiver’s) personality.

The first Starbucks collection has instantly recognizable, super cute Christmas designs. The colorway for this series is based around greens, reds, and whites — the typical colors associated with Christmas. You’ll always be feeling festive if you have this to drink your coffee from!

You can see an image of the full collection below — you can see there’s even a cute Christmas-tree and an elephant-shaped mug and a stylish cutlery set!

The next collection is a little less overtly Christmas-y, so it can be great to use if you want something more casual to take with you to work or anywhere, really! The theme of this one is glitter and snowflakes. You can see the stylized snowflake patterns on some of them, while the others are more glitter than snowflake-focused.

Take a look at the full collection:

Both Starbucks collections can only be bought from physical Starbucks stores in Japan or via the Starbucks Japan website (limited only to Japanese customers). But don’t worry — we won’t let your holiday spirit go to waste! You can find them on our proxy service, One Map by FROM JAPAN, and easily have them sent to you internationally, no matter where you are in the world!

Get started by browsing through the mug or tumbler that you want via the link below.