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Ultraman Vital Bracelet 55th Edition

Celebrate 55 years of the iconic Ultraman with the Ultraman Vital Bracelet 55th Edition! The Vital Bracelet is a wearable device that tracks your steps and heart rate. The more active you are, the more chances you get to transform the virtual Ultraman in your Vital Bracelet! It’s the perfect combination of encouraging you to stay healthy, while also giving you a chance to express your love for Ultraman.

Once you’ve fully transformed your Ultraman, you can plug in the included VBM card so you can unlock the Six Ultra Brothers and transform them too! You’re sure to stay fit while keeping the world safe with the Ultraman Vital Bracelet. Pre-order yours now on FROM JAPAN!

Set contents:
1 x Vital Bracelet Characters (Ultraman 55th Edition)
1 x VBM Card (6 Ultra Brothers)
1 x VS VBM Card
1 x Charging cable
1 x Instruction Manual