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Pokemon Unboxing Videos to Satisfy Your Inner Pokemaniac

Pokemon Sun & Moon Mini Gashapon

Ever seen a capsule toy of a mini capsule toy machine?! Sooo meta ?

Check out the video above where we assemble this unique little toy and show you how it works! Don’t you just love the assortment of Pokemon designs to choose from? We hope so, because the theme of this blog is Pokemon and we’re just getting started! After absorbing the awesomeness of this mini capsule toy machine (and perhaps ordering one for yourself through the link below ?), read on to discover more cool Pokemon stuff!

PokeHaul #1

Here’s an example of what your package could be like when you order Pokemon items with FROM JAPAN! ?

Did you know that we do unboxing videos on our YouTube channel to show you samples of cool stuff you can buy through FROM JAPAN?? In this one, Viktorija shows us some pretty exciting Pokemon products – a Japan-exclusive Pikachu hoodie t-shirt from the official Pokemon Center, a Pikachu piggy bank, gorgeous transparent Pokeballs from the Pokemon Terrarium collection, and a big metallic Pokeball bento lunchbox ? Get them all at the links below and be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss more unboxing videos!

Pokemon Unboxing Items

PokeHaul #2

Round 2… Ready… Start❗

Watch as Haley takes us on a journey of discovering more Pokemon goods to add to our ever-expanding collections. Preview a furry Pikachu hat, colorful multipurpose magnetic clips, a limited-edition pastel Pikachu & Eevee collection zipper pouch, and all eight of the collectable mini figures from the Pikachu Loves Ketchup series by Re-Ment! These adorable items are great ways to show your love of Pocket Monsters ♥️

Pokemon Unboxing Items