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6 Must-have Pet Supplies from Japan for cats and dogs

Find the best made in Japan pet goods for your furry friends with FROM JAPAN

Japanese people love their pets. So as you might expect, there’s a wealth of pet supplies being produced and sold in Japan that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Today, we’re giving you a list of items so you can rest assured knowing that your furry friend can get some of the best quality items there is on the market (because they deserve it!). We’ve picked out these items based on how well they do their function and also based on the reviews from customers who have bought them previously.

Lastly, we made sure to include a wide variety of items in this list so you can decide which works best for your pet. We hope you enjoy the article!

Our Top 5 Must-Have Pet Supplies

Listed in no particular order.

HOMOO Drive Box / Carrying Bag for Dogs

Made in Japan Homoo Drive Box Carrying Bag For Dogs

The HOMOO Drive Box is meant to be an attachable carrier for small dogs (or cats) to stay in when you’re bringing them with you in your car. It can fit pets within 13.3 lbs (6kg) and also includes a cushion that makes the inside comfortable for your pet to stay in.

There are handles so that you can easily carry it with you outside the car, and there are latches and straps included so you can attach it between the front car seats while staying stable regardless of any sudden brakes. Lastly, it has a breathable mesh and can be washed with no issues.

What customers are saying: It can be attached to the armrests of the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat but I also like that it can be easily removed and washed. It’s pretty stable and the cushion is soft, my dog sits on it very well. He weighs 4 kg. ★★★★☆

Dopet Automatic Feeder, 1.8 gal & Dopet Automatic Water Supply, 1.1 gal

Dopet Automatic Feeder, 1.8 gal & Dopet Automatic Water Supply, 1.1 gal

Next is an automatic feeder and water supply combo from pet supply brand Dopet. Both items are made with high quality PVC and ABS material to make it safe for pets to use and easy to clean. The bottom of the feeder / water supply also has non-slip rubber attached so you won’t have to worry about the water or food tank falling over even if you’re pet is a messy eater.

The automatic system detects when the bowl has reached below a certain level, and once it does, it automatically refills the bowl and stops before it becomes too full to avoid any spillage. Its large capacity also means that you won’t have to keep refilling the tank and can be useful for times when you won’t be around to manually give food to your furry friends.

What customers are saying: We do not worry that the dog won’t have anything to drink towards the end of the day. The auto flow of water makes it always fresh for drinking. ★★★★★

Casfuy Nail Grinder with LED Light – Electric Foot Grooming and Smoothing for Medium Dogs and Cats

Casfuy Nail Grinder with LED Light - Electric Foot Grooming and Smoothing for Medium Dogs and Cats

One of the most popular items in this list, the Casfuy Nail Grinder with LED light promises to make it a lot easier to trim and groom your pet’s nails at home. It has 3 ports and 2 speed settings that can be adjusted depending on if you’re using it on cats, medium dogs, or large dogs. The built in LED light helps you see your pet’s nails better to make it easier for you to use.

It is also designed so as not to cause any pain or harm towards your pets, and its motor was even built so that it only produces very low volumes of noise, making sure that your pet won’t get startled or be scared of the device.  This nail grinder is also chargable, with 3 hours of charging being equivalent to 3 hours of portable use.

What customers are saying: I have successfully used this grinder for my greyhound, who is terrified of the clippers. She was already accustomed to having her nails filed and accepted the grinder without any problems. She seems to enjoy the attention. It only grinds a small amount at a time, so I do her nails little and often rather than try to do too much all at once. A good product. ★★★★★

TWONE Hot Carpet for Pets / Pet Heater

TWONE Hot Carpet for Pets / Pet Heater

Up next, we have an item that will be very useful once those cold winter months start rolling in: the TWONE Hot Carpet for Pets! We especially recommend this for cat owners because we’re sure with how comfortable it is, your cat will never leave. It carpet comes in a 17.7 x 15.7 inch (45 x 40 cm) size, leaving your pets lots of space to lie around.

As for the heating mechanism, it has adjustable temperature control settings from 30 °C to 55 °C and also a timer setting so you can have it automatically turn off from between two to 24 hours. Of course, it was also designed to stay safe and avoid overheating, and has a mechanism that automatically turns it off to keep the heat at safe levels. The cover can be removed and washed, and the heater can also be wiped so you can keep every component clean.

What customers are saying: During the first week, my cat did not seem to get on the carpet at all, so at first I thought I had bought it for nothing. But one cold morning, I found the cat sleeping on the carpet and they seem to really love it now. ★★★★☆

Senun Pet Bed

Senun Pet Bed

The Senun Pet Bed comes in dimensions (53.5× 48.5 × 13cm) that can perfectly fit cats and small to medium sized dogs. This pet bed was developed in Japan, and so they designed it specifically to make the pet bed easy to assemble. Likewise, this also makes it easy to disassemble for times when the bed needs to get washed.

There are four cute patterns you can choose from (pictured above), so you can not only get something comfortable for your pet, but you can also match it with the rest of your home.

What customers are saying: I bought this in hopes that it would keep my cats cool in the middle of summer. The cats were interested in it even before I put it together, and it was easy to put together. They were confused at first, but by the next day they had gotten used to it and were lying on it. It was a great purchase. ★★★★★

Tutubena Carrot Chew Toy

Tutubena Carrot Chew Toy

Last but definitely not the least, we had to make sure you can provide your pets with something that helps them have fun, so we included this super cute Tutubena Carrot Chew Toy. In our opinion, this toy can work not just for dogs but also for playful cats. The cute smiling carrot plushies have a small pocket where you can insert some treats. Your pet can then have fun finding and getting to the treats you prepared.

The design of the toy was made so that the pockets won’t be too deep that your pets can’t get to them, and of course, the materials used are all guaranteed to be safe in the hands (or should we say paws) of your furry friend.

What customers are saying: I wanted to buy a birthday toy for my puppy at home and when I saw this carrot toy I thought it was cute and ordered it. The quality is better than I expected when I picked it up, it is fuzzy to the touch, and I hope my puppy enjoys it. Very cute. ★★★★★

How to can I order these pet items if I’m not in Japan?

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Step 7: Arrival.

And that’s it! You just ordered some new items for that special furry critter in your life. Happy shopping!