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How to Buy Guitars and Guitar Accessories from Japan

Japan has, for a long time, been respected as a maker of guitar and guitar accessories. Japan offers both new and pre-owned guitars at affordable prices. Before I let you in on how to buy guitars and guitar accessories from Japan, here are a few reasons why you should.

Why Should You Buy Guitars from Japan?

Guitars from Japan, just like most of the products that the country produces, are made by skilled hands that pay attention to detail. Japanese guitars are respected the world over, and it is no wonder that owning a Japanese-made guitar elicits a lot of pride and envy. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a guitar from Japan:

Japanese Guitars Are High Quality

Japanese Guitars are made from high-quality materials. The wood used to make the necks and bodies of Japanese guitars are harvested from some of the best wood trees in Japan, and the strings used pass a detailed quality check before they are installed into the instruments. Any wonder, therefore, that Japanese guitars produce such a refined sound?

In addition to their quality materials, guitars from Japan are made by people with a tradition of great craftsmanship and defined quality control.

You Will Love the Flexible Prices of Japanese Guitars

Now, let us face it, quality guitars are relatively expensive. You, for instance, wouldn’t compare the price of an original masterpiece like a Fender Stratocaster with its copy, would you? The great thing about buying guitars from Japan is that you get a wide range of brands and models to choose from, depending on your budget.

You can also get a pre-owned high-end guitar from Japan for a fraction of the amount you would use to buy a new one.

Which Guitars and Guitar Accessories Can You buy from Japan?

Japan has tens of guitar and guitar manufacturing companies and sellers. As such, you are sure to get a wide range of guitars and guitar accessories from Japan.

Quality Guitars from Japan

There are many guitar models and manufacturers from japan that you can choose from. They include:

The above list is not comprehensive and there are a lot more Japanese guitar brands that you can buy.

Japanese Guitar Accessories that You Can Buy

The companies that manufacture high-quality guitars from Japan also provide guitar accessories that are as good as the original accessories that come with the guitar. Some of the guitar accessories from Japan include:

How do you buy guitars from Japan Using Our Proxy?

Buying guitars from Japan is easy when you have a reliable company to hold your hand. FROM JAPAN has been in the business for years and it understands buyers concerns and provides solutions. You are more likely to buy your guitar at a more affordable price by using FROM JAPAN since the company bids for these items from Japanese auctions where they get them at a cheaper rate. Additionally, the company’s shipping fees across the world are considerate and you can pay using any international credit card.

FROM JAPAN offers two methods of purchasing goods: buying from shopping sites like Rakuten Ichiba and from online auction sites like Yahoo! Auctions Japan.

Here are simple steps that you can follow to buy a guitar or guitar accessories using FROM JAPAN:

  1. Go to FROM JAPAN
  2. On the search bar, type the item that you are looking for. For example, you could type “Guitar” or “Guitar stand.” If you want more specific results, you could become more specific. For example, you can type, “Tokai Guitar.” Press search after you have entered the keyword.
  3. Browse the items presented and once you get the guitar or guitar accessory that you like, click ‘Add to Cart”.
  4. Pay the Charge 1 payment.
  5. Once the item has reached From Japan’s distribution Center, you will be required to provide shipping instructions.
  6. Pay the Charge 2 payment.
  7. Your Guitar or guitar accessory is delivered to your requested location.

Just as what happens in a brick and mortar auction, you bid on the guitar or guitar accessories you like and wait for the bidding time to expire. If you are the highest bidder, then your bid is confirmed.

Here is how to buy from auction sites:

  1. Search for the item that you are looking for.
  2. After browsing the available items and finding what you want, place a bid that is higher than the one you get.
  3. Once your bid is accepted, you make the payment, and shipping instructions are the same as those of buying from Japanese shopping sites.

And that’s how easy it is to buy guitars and guitar accessories with FROM JAPAN! Before ordering, we recommend that you read our usage guide. Happy shopping guitar shopping with FROM JAPAN!