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A Complete Guide to Premium Bandai and How to Order

How to buy items from Premium Bandai Japan

Otakus the world over will know all about the otaku goods haven, Premium Bandai. They’re a trusted shop for a wide range of hobby goods and anime, video game, and pop culture merch.

Whether you’re someone who’s already aware of the brand or someone who’s heard about Premium Bandai for the first time but are curious to know more, we’ve created this blog post to show you what type of merch you can find on Premium Bandai.

More importantly, we’re also sharing a convenient way for you to order Premium Bandai items outside of Japan!

What type of Premium Bandai items are there?

When we tell you that there’s an unbelieavably diverse range of otaku goods available on Premium Bandai, it means it’s really hard to quantify all of them into a single blog post.

So, for this section we’ll be picking a few popular item categories and a few you might not have heard of as a jumping point for what you can discover.

Gunpla / Gundam Models

A few examples of current and upcoming Gunpla models by Premium Bandai.

Arguably the type of hobby item that Premium Bandai is most known for, Gundam Models, or Gunpla (ガンプラ) in Japanese, have a strong following with enthusiastic mecha model makers all over the world.

They started being popular in the 80’s in Japan and spread worldwide around the 90’s, with the appeal being the ability to make your own mecha from the Gundam series.

Nowadays, there are so many varieties that it seems overwhelming to get started as a beginner, but we have a handy Gunpla Model Beginner’s Guide on our blog you can check out! And, if you’re an experienced Gunpla enthusiast, you can find more kits to add to your collection by searching on our site with the button below.

Tamashii Nations Figures and Replicas

Examples of Tamashii Nations Figures and Replicas released recently.

There are a few different series under the Tamashii Nations brand but no matter what it is, you can expect top quality items coming from them — it is what they’re known for after all!

Tamashii Nations are most known for their highly-detailed figures, like the ones from S.H. Figuarts (an example of which is the leftmost Kamen Rider Kuuga figure in the image). But they also have figures that fall under more “kawaii” or “chibi” styles like the Kyojuro Rengoku Figuarts mini figure above, for those who want collectibles that are easier to display anywhere.

Last but certainly not the least, they also create anime and pop culture replicas under their Proplica brand, like the slime form replica of Rimuru Tempest (which they’ve made squishable too!) from the “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” anime, and of course, Sailor Moon’s indispensable Crisis Moon Compact.

**If you want to get any of the items we’ve included above, simply click on the item name to get search results for them from various Japanese online shops!

Bandai Card Shop (Trading Cards)

Next, we have Bandai Card Shop! As you can expect, since Bandai is most popularly known for their Gundam and mecha merch, you’ll find some Gundam Trading Cards in their shop.

However, things don’t end there — they produce all sorts of trading cards for anime and other pop culture, such as the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Premium Card series we featured above, and the Digimon Card Game Theme Booster Collection.

Bandai Card Shop’s collection of cards is just massive, so much so that if you go the search results for their cards by clicking on the button below, you’ll get hundreds and thousands of hits! This should definitely be enough to get you the card collection you want.

Pretty Holic Cosmetics

To prove just how diverse Premium Bandai items are, we take a look at the Pretty Holic Cosmetics.

Pretty Holic is a makeup line designed for fans of Pretty Cure, and they have various lip, eyes, and blush products. As you can see from the image above, even if you’re not a Precure fan, these products are super appealing because of how cute and elegantly designed they are.

They’re not only affordable, they’re also constantly coming out with new products, so if you want to own some Pretty Holic items, you can start with the button below!

Do remember that Premium Bandai has a vast treasure trove of goodies that can be best explored by seeing them for yourself, so we will help you do just that in our guide below.

How to order Premium Bandai Items from outside of Japan

Step 1. Find the item you want to get.


You can click on any of the buttons or links we included above when it comes to specific items we’ve mentioned. But if you want to just see what sort of Premium Bandai items we have available, you can click on the button below to take you to a general search results page.

If you’ve already found the item you want on Premium Bandai’s website, you can also simply copy and paste the item URL from there on to our search bar. This will take you to a custom order page where you’ll have to fill in details our Customer Service team needs so that they can order the items on your behalf.

Do take note that some items that appear on Premium Bandai’s website might not be available yet (in cases of pre-orders) or might have sold out. We recommend using an automatic translation tool to check the details of your item before inputting its URL on to our search bar.

Step 2. Check the item details.

Before placing your order with FROM JAPAN, make sure to check the item details before completing your purchase since we handle items from various Japanese websites and sellers, it’s important to know you’ve got the right item.

Once you’ve clicked on an item listing on our site, you’ll be greeted with details such as the item price and a link where you can get an estimate of the International Shipping.

If you scroll down to where it says Description, you can find a drop down button. Click and look for 英語 to get an automated English translation that you should read through too. If you have any questions about a certain item, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Customer Service team.

Step 3: Add the Items to Your Cart and Pay for Charge 1.

Once you’ve happy with the item, click on the Add to Cart button and you will be prompted to pay for Charge 1.

Step 4: Items Arrive at Our Distribution Center for Shipment Instructions

After that, your items are sent to our Distrubution Center. Upon arrival, we will contact you for  your preferred shipment instructions. If you’d like to purchase multiple items at different times, they can be stored in our warehouse for up to 45 days for free, so you can then choose this option and save on your shipping fee.

Step 5: Pay for Charge 2.

Next, you’ll be sent a Charge 2 invoice which contains the details for domestic and international shipping charges, as well as the fee for our Product Protection Plan. Each item you buy will be insured against seller non-delivery and loss/damage.

Step 6: Shipping.

After the Charge 2 payment, your items are prepared for dispatch. We dispatch all items within two working days to ensure that you receive your items speedily.

Step 7: Arrival.

And then all you have to do is wait for your otaku goodies to arrive! If you’re unsure about anything else about how to use our website, please check out our Guide for First Time Users for more information.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with FROM JAPAN!