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Medabots Tamagotchi – Medocchi

The “Revival version” of Medabots Tamagotchi, the “Medocchi” has been released on Premium Bandai! The device, “Medocchi” appeared in the original game “Medabots” released back in 1997 and has now been restored and renewed as “Medocchi Revival Version.”

The Medabots Tamagotchi and the medals each come with their own pedestals, so you can also display them when you are not playing. There are 31 types of medals in total, including the “Kabuto” and “Stag” medals. Among them, 30 types of the medals are produced with dye-cast and paint, and one comes with a rustic, weathered effect. Pre-order yours with FROM JAPAN!

Set Includes: Medabots Tamagotchi version Revival x1, Medabots version Revival exclusive pedestal x1, die-cast medals x30, weathered medal x1, Medal exclusive pedestal x31, Medal exclusive pedestal connection parts x30, Instruction manual x1, Digimon x Medabot collaboration Dim Card x1