8 Romantic Anime Figures That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we think you should keep the romance going throughout the month! Whether you celebrate by sharing a romantic date with your special someone or treat yourself to a little chocolate, this holiday is a sweet reminder to cherish the things you love. For otaku, of course, that means getting new anime figures!

From dreamy weddings and candy-covered hearts to OTPs and waifu, these eight figures will have you asking, “Will you be my Valentine?” all year long.

Funny Knights – Kantai Collection: Kongou Kai Ni, Valentine ver. (February 2016)

A variant of the original Kongou 1/7-scale figure by Funny Knights, this Wonder Festival exclusive features a pink, heart-shaped base with the message “Valentine for You,” and red and white banners spread across Kongou’s port and starboard sides emblazoned with “Burning Valentine Love”, a modified version of her signature catchphrase. Kongou also comes with blushing cheeks to match her sweet messages and a raised arm extending a gift-wrapped box of chocolate, just like in the KanColle game on Valentine’s Day! Set sail for a romantic voyage with your warship waifu by adding Kongou to your figure collection.

Fuchico on the Cup: Heart Chocolate (February 2016)

Originally released as a cute capsule toy, Fuchico quickly became a hit in Japan, selling over 1.3 million cup-clinging figures. What’s the secret to her success? Most fans love her humorously adorable efforts as she struggles to climb over the rim of the glass, effortlessly dangles upside down, or perches to squeeze a little lemon into your drink. To commemorate Valentine’s Day, Fuchico’s Heart Chocolate series comes in all the colors of romance, from chocolate brown to cupid white. Watch out: She might steal your heart with her arrows of love!

Good Smile Company – Fate/Extra CCC: Saber Bride (September 2016)

This striking figure of Saber Bride is as fierce as it is beautiful, and is rendered in flowing detail from veil to heels. Wielding Aestus Estus, Saber takes a battle stance with fluid, feminine grace while her Bridal Gown of Restraint blows majestically in the wind. One of the most popular Saber Bride figures ever released, it makes a beautiful testament to any fan’s passionate dedication.

Banpresto – Lupin the Third and Rebecca Rossellini Wedding ver. (December 2016)

Lupin’s marriage to Rebecca may have been little more than a sham to steal the Royal Crown of Liberty, but these Banpresto figures are the real deal! Inspired by the shocking first episode of the Blue Jacket series, both Lupin and his “bride” come in two pearl-painted color variants that add an iridescent sheen to their wedding regalia. Both characters are replicated with a keen eye for anime-accurate detail, from Lupin’s white carnation to Rebecca’s translucent veil. They may not be a happy couple, but they certainly look charming when linked arm in arm.

Myethos – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Nia Teppelin Wedding Dress Ver. 1/8 Scale Figure (February 2017)

Inspired by one of Gurren Lagann’s most touching moments, this figure portrays Simon’s bride-to-be in her pearly pink wedding gown, holding a bouquet of scarlet roses that match the elegant base at her feet. Nia’s veil is made of soft fabric, and is removable to clearly display her multi-hued hair. A must-have memento for avid fans, this gorgeous figure is a reminder that love transcends even the bounds of reality.

Nendoroid More – Dress Up Wedding (April 2017)

Nendoroid’s new Dress Up Wedding set lets you mix and match OTPs to your heart’s content! All you need are two Nendoroid figures of your favorite pairing. The set includes Pearly White and Happiness Pink wedding dresses, Cinderella Blue and Peony Scarlet princess-style dresses, and Sacred White and Stylish Gray tuxedos. Pair your happy couple with a color scheme and style that matches their look and personality, and make the wedding of your dreams come true!

Bandai – Proplica x Figuarts Zero Chouette: Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mirage Memorial Ornament (May 2017)

This gorgeous music box is crowned with a romantic (and removable) pair of figures depicting the moment Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion were bound together by fate in the “Tuxedo Mirage” ending of Sailor Moon S. The battery powered music box plays two versions of the passionate theme song, and three sets of plates let you choose which illuminated panorama to display as the music box rotates: one showcases the magical Moon Kingdom while the other two provide different stylized portraits of the Sailor Senshi.

This highly anticipated third release in the Figuarts Zero Chouette series is the ultimate tribute to Serenity and Endymion’s eternal love, and belongs on the shelf of any true Sailor Moon fan. Be sure to check back with FROM JAPAN in May for auction listings, but in the meantime, you can find the previous two enchanting Figuarts Zero Chouette releases here.

Phat! Company – The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls: Rika Jougasaki Charisma Chibi Girl Ver. 1/8 Scale Figure (June 2017)

Overflowing with plush dolls, shooting stars, bows, and lots of kawaii, this Charisma Chibi Girl figure perfectly captures Rika’s energetic personality bursting from a box of heart-shaped candies, and is sure to bring a smile to your face. Display Rika alongside her big sister Mika for twice the heartfelt passion!

Where to Buy Romantic Anime Figures Online

If you’ve fallen in love with these figures, be sure to purchase or pre-order yours soon, because plenty of other love-struck collectors have already begun snatching them up! But your romance doesn’t need to end in heartbreak: with a proxy and shipping service like FROM JAPAN, you can easily shop for your favorite figures and have all your anime sweethearts delivered to your door with loving care.

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