Gudetama Merch: 10 Delectable Lazy Egg Collectibles from Japan

When you first meet Sanrio’s Gudetama face to face, the savory celebrity’s appeal may leave you scratching your head. Perhaps Gudetama’s popularity can be credited to the clever combination of food and Japanese kawaii culture, or perhaps it’s how easy people can relate to the mascot’s seemingly constant state of eggs-istential crisis.

Whatever Gudetama’s recipe for success may be, fans around the world are eager to shell out money for collectibles bearing the character’s likeness. To help you in your hunt, here are 10 Gudetama items to satisfy your craving for the world’s laziest egg.

Gudetama Toys

Gudetama Talking Mascots

Need a little Gudetama gloom to help egg you on throughout the day? Gudetama Talking Mascots are miniature plush toys (about 8 cm tall) that can easily fit in your pocket. Give your mascot a squeeze to coax him into inspiring you with 7–10 uninspiring sayings (or raps if you choose the DJ Gudetama). Some talking mascots resemble regional Japanese cuisine (and speak in regional dialects to match), like takoyaki (Osaka) and mentaiko (Fukushima). No matter which one you pick, be sure to keep Gudetama muttering away with alkaline button batteries.

Gudetama Squishy

Unquestionably one of the character’s most unique novelty collectibles, the Gudetama Squishy is part stress ball, part eye-popping surprise. Within the opaque, fluid-filled egg white (available in several colors), an adorably posed Gudetama peacefully floats, only to be surprised with an unwanted wakeup call once you squeeze the laid-back yolk out of his cozy shell.

Gudetama Kendama

Kendama may seem like a simple game at a glance; however, as anyone who has ever watched a kendama master or a kendama tournament can testify, there are as many tricks to land the ball on the handle as there are ways to cook an egg! Gudetama may be lazy, but in the hands of a dedicated player, this Gudetama Kendama will definitely get a proper workout.

Gudetama Gashapon

Over the past few years, Gudetama Gashapon have given us a mouth-watering variety of silly bite-size collectibles. Whether cracking up your friends on the rim of a cup or dangling from your car keys, these on-the-go Gudetama will be a constant reminder to never try too hard.

Gudetama Hara Hara Doki Doki Game

Feeling lucky? Inspired by the popular 1975 Japanese children’s game Blackbeard, the Gudetama Hara Hara Doki Doki Game challenges 2–4 players to poke and prod Gudetama’s giant eggshell without disturbing him. Take turns inserting swords into the slots, and hope that Gudetama doesn’t pop out like a piece of toast!

Gudetama Accessories

Gudetama Energy Saver Egg

It’s easy to get distracted and accidentally leave your refrigerator door open, increasing your electricity bill and causing your food to go bad faster. Gudetama has partnered with the original Hietama-chan eco-toy to create the Gudetama Energy Saver Egg. Simply place the egg in your fridge, and each time you open the door, Gudetama will peek out of the shell just long enough to whine about closing the door again. And because this gadget is only slightly larger than a real egg, it can be cleverly disguised in an egg tray for a fun surprise.

Gudetama Food Sample iPhone 6 Case

If you’re an iPhone 6 owner with a fascination for Gudetama, there’s one collectible you’ll crave above all others. The Gudetama Food Sample iPhone 6 Case features Gudetama lounging over a bed of white rice with his adorable derriere and languid expression in full view. The case fits comfortably over the back of any iPhone 6 model, and even provides you with a bit of extra grip thanks to Gudetama’s pudgy features.

Gudetama Suitcase

Whether packing for an anime convention or finally taking your dream vacation to Japan, you can securely store your valuables with a Gudetama Hard Shell Suitcase. Passersby are sure to smile when they see Gudetama’s face wheeling unenthusiastically behind you, and the easily recognizable expression and bright colors will make spotting your suitcase at baggage claim all the easier.

Gudetama Apparel

Gudetama Kigurumi

Kigurumi aren’t just comfortable pajamas, they’re also popular to wear at cosplay events and parties. The king of kigurumi, SAZAC, manufactures some of the cutest and most comfortable mascot and animal onesies coming out of Japan. SAZAC’s Gudetama Kigurumi is eggspecially ideal for a cozy day lazing around the house. So, put your feet up, tuck your hands in the egg white pockets, and pull down the Gudetama-faced hoodie for those “I just can’t” kind of days.

Gudetama Slippers

While Gudetama may feel that life is boring, these slippers are anything but! Gudetama Slippers come in as many shapes and styles as Gudetama himself. True to character, slipping them on may make you feel a little languid, but the warmth and comfort they provide is no “yolk.” Be sure to match a pair of Gudetama slippers with your Gudetama kigurumi to complete the look.

Where to Buy Gudetama Merch

Ready to crack open the shell on these character goodies? With a proxy service like FROM JAPAN, you can easily get these lazy eggs and other Gudetama merch, and have them shipped from Japan to your doorstep.

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