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How to shop authentic luxury brand & street fashion items online easily with RAGTAG

What is RAGTAG?

RAGTAG’s concept is a “secondhand curated fashion store located in shopping centers across Japan”. RAGTAG has a total of 22 stores in Japan, including in the fashionable area of Jinnan in Shibuya, Tokyo, a store that has a large selection of items popular among both tourists and locals alike. With a wide range of high end fashion brands and a specialty in Japanese fashion brands, RAGTAG’s curated selection of items caters to all styles.

Why should I buy from RAGTAG?

RAGTAG has over 200,000 fashion items listed – you’re sure to find something you’ll like!

RAGTAG carries both men’s fashion and women’s fashion items, and they have a wide range of item categories, including not just the usual tops and bottoms but also bags, hats, accessories and much more! You’ll find everything you need for a complete outfit.

RAGTAG carries a variety of items from both Japanese and international fashion brands

Whether you’re a fan of Japanese fashion brands such as Comme des Garcons, Sacai, and Yohji Yamamoto, or international fashion brands such as Supreme, Moncler, or The North Face, you’ll find various items from those brands on RAGTAG.

Fashion items sold on RAGTAG are of great quality and authentic

RAGTAG is a trusted select store store with branches all over Japan that are frequented not just by fashion savvy locals but also trusted by visiting tourists. All of their fashion items are curated and checked so you can find things like authentic Hermes, Supreme, Gucci and more.

What fashion brands can I get on RAGTAG?

Below, we’ve included just a few of the most popular fashion brands amongst RAGTAG’s customers and examples for the items listed on RAGTAG so you can get inspired to look for the items you want.

Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela Authentic


sacai Authentic

Acne Studios

acne studios



How do I shop for authentic fashion from RAGTAG?

You don’t have to fly all the way to Japan to shop authentic fashion items from RAGTAG! Although RAGTAG has an online store, using One Map by FROM JAPAN as your proxy shopping service will make the shopping experience smoother and easier for you!

Why buy from RAGTAG via One Map?

With benefits such as Product Protection Plan and our free consolidated shipping, you can make sure your items will arrive to you safely and you can also get items from different stores conveniently shipped to you together. Plus, we also have a dedicated multilingual Customer Service team, who can assist you if you run into any issues.

RAGTAG also has 3 online stores listed on One Map: RAGTAG Store on Rakuten (Japan’s largest online shopping website), RAGTAG Store on Rakuten Rakuma (Japanese online flea market), and RAGTAG Store on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction (Japan’s largest online auction site). Each store carries variations of items and are all officially run by RAGTAG.

Get started by creating an account and registering here. And make sure to check out our Guide for First Time Users page to familiarize yourself with how you can get your orders in.

If you still have any other questions left unanswered, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team via email to They will be more than happy to guide you with any questions you might have, or help sort out any order troubles or account issues for you. Happy shopping!