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Four Stunning Sailor Moon Fashion Collaborations

If you grew up watching Sailor Moon, you know how powerful a stylish outfit can be. The sailor girls never held back with their looks, always donning fierce boots, vibrant dresses, and of course, iconic accessories. It’s no wonder so many modern fashionistas are such big fans of the anime. With nostalgia at an all-time high, anime as popular as ever, and Sailor Moon Eternal out this year, now is the perfect time to show love for the original magical girls. Luckily, many apparel brands have been collaborating with Sailor Moon to bring Tsukino and her friends to life. Here are some of the best, new fashion lines inspired by and featuring the world-famous anime. Stay tuned after the list to find out how to get theseJapanese-exclusive products abroad.

Sailor Moon x Jouetie

Sailor Moon x Jouetie
Jouetie has become one of the most recognizable brands in the street-style scene. Their innovative clothes have adorned lookbooks all across the internet. Pop culture collaborations aren’t new to the brand, as they’ve previously sold lines featuring other anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion and even American cartoons like Tom & Jerry. However, their Sailor Moon x Jouetie collection is one of their most stunning. Released to promote the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal, this line features both imagery from the new film and legacy looks from the franchise. You’ll find hoodies printed with movie stills, colorful silk blouses, and more. Any outfit featuring these pieces is sure to turn heads on the street.

Sailor Moon x RoseMarie seoir

Sailor Moon x Jouetie
While Jouetie specializes in street, RoseMarie seoir specializes in cute. Their merchandise tends to be delicate, sweet, and pastel, or in their words, “like a macaron.” Their Sailor Moon collection is no different but includes the magical sparkle of the cosmic anime. The line consists mostly of subtle but ornate accessories. Their cosmic heart charms allow you to bejewel your keys or phone, or you can get a similar design as an earring. You can also decorate your hair with their multicolored hairpins, barrettes, and hairbands. It’s not all accessories though. You can even get your hands on a sailor dress to really live like a guardian.

Sailor Moon x GU

Sailor Moon x Jouetie
GU is the perfect brand to add new life to your casual wear. All of their apparel is comfortable and subtle, but always includes some extra flare to make sure you stand out. That stays true in their Sailor Moon x GU line. In this collection, you’ll find all the pieces you need to make a complete Sailor Moon-themed outfit. That includes bottoms and tops, of course, but even shoes and clutch bags too. Their t-shirts have the most direct nods to the franchise with retro prints featuring each sailor. The rest of the line, though, includes more detailed but easily recognizable designs. Luna the cat finds her way onto jeans, shoes, and blouses, while skirts and sweatshirts are embroidered with the guardians’ iconic wands. Studious eyes will be rewarded when they find even more subdues motifs hidden on their merchandise. Hardcore fans will be jealous when they see you in these looks.

Sailor Moon x Wicca Watch

Sailor Moon x Jouetie
Wicca is a Japanese brand known for making premium watches that are now famous worldwide. Their watches are sleek and modern but never sacrifice intricacy. Wicca’s Sailor Moon collaboration was created to commemorate the release of Sailor Moon Eternal with an exclusive product. The gorgeous watch features a Pegasus-inspired design. The gold of the watchband is reminiscent of Pegasus’s horn, while the pastel blue watch face evokes scenes of the sky. That is even further reinforced by the eye-catching white silhouette of Pegasus flying underneath the regal clock hands. The watch comes in an equally ornamented case, which is embossed with symbols that true Sailor Moon fans will appreciate. This watch is the perfect addition to any Sailor Moon collection, but its limited, 3,000 product release means you should act fast!

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