Sailor Moon Videos: Products and Characters from the Beloved Magical Girl Series

Sailor Moon Videos

Unboxing: Sailor Moon Items Japanese Anime

Let’s take a look at the Sailor Moon items Viktorija ordered through FROM JAPAN!

Hey Sailor Moon fans, have you seen our Sailor Moon Item Unboxing Youtube video yet?! If not, you’re in for a treat. In this blog post, we’ll be showing you nine examples of Sailor Moon items that you can order on FROM JAPAN. Watch Viktorija unbox them one by one in the video and then read on for more in-depth information on each product, along with links to each so you can add them to your collection! Without further ado, let’s dive headfirst into the super-cute world of Sailor Moon merchandise 🙂

Sailor Moon Unboxing Items

Sailor Moon Character Ranking – who is the most popular Sailor Senshi?

Who is your favorite Sailor Moon character? Let’s see if the people who took this poll agree with you!

To celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary in 2014, a poll was taken which allowed fans in Japan to vote for their favorite characters from the iconic magical girl series. We made a YouTube video visually counting down from number ten to number one, and today we’re supplementing that video with a blog to go more in depth about these iconic characters and why fans voted for each one! So let’s review the top ten fan-voted Sailor Moon characters. Who do you think will be number one? Watch and read on to find out!


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