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Pokemon Dolls – a Pokemon cuteness overload!

Pokemon Dolls (ポケモンドールズ), also known as Poke Dolls, is a line of adorable plushies known for their super-cute chibi-like appearance. In recent years, the series has branched out to include a variety of items including stationery, keyrings, mascots, and more – all with adorable Poke Doll-inspired illustrations. Read on to see our roundup of the cutest line of Pokemon merch out there!

Pokemon Dolls – Plushies

Pokemon Dolls - Plushies

Pokemon plushies don’t get much cuter than this! Over 100 Pokemon from Generation 1-8 have been transformed into these chibi plushies, all made from super-soft material. The plushies usually stand around 15 cm tall, but some jumbo 30 cm tall Pokemon Doll plushies have also been made. Galar Region Pokemon were the latest additions to this line of plushies, each as adorable as the next!

Pokemon Dolls – Mascots

Release Date: June 2018

Pokemon Dolls - Mascots

For those who want to carry around their Poke-friends wherever they go, look no further than the Pokemon Dolls mascots! The mascot versions of the Pokemon Dolls are soft to the touch like their plushie counterparts and just as cute. Attach your Pokemon Doll mascots to your favorite bag or jacket so they don’t miss a single step in your adventures!

Pokemon Dolls House

Release Date: September 2018

Pokemon Dolls House

The Pokemon Dolls House collection is one of the latest additions to this line of merch and includes a range of furniture and accessories designed for your Pokemon Dolls plushies to play with. You can make sure your Poke-pals have fully furnished homes with Pokemon-shaped beds, chairs, play-slides, and more!

Pokemon Dolls – Stationery

Release Date: July 2019

Pokemon Dolls - Stationery

A few of the most popular Japanese stationery companies have teamed up with the Pokemon Center to bring out some too-cool-for-school Pokemon Dolls-inspired notebooks, erasers, pens, and pencil cases. Be the envy of your class with this gorgeous lineup of bright and colorful Pokemon Dolls stationery!

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