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Our Top Fall/Winter Menswear 2022 & Where To Buy Them for Cheap

Japanese Menswear Brands we have our eye on for the 2022 Winter Collection

If you’re somewhere in the world that experiences winters, then you’ll know how important it is to have good quality clothing that’ll keep you warm. But if you have the option to stay warm and fashionable, then why not be that?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to brands whose winter collection this 2022 caught our eye. Some were released months ago, and some have only just been recently released, but now’s the time to get your hands on them while the yen is low.

We’re introducing our favorite autumn/winter collections from Japanese menswear brands, then finally we’ll talk about how you can get them for much cheaper prices compared to anywhere else in the world (because who doesn’t love a good bargain right?) You’ll also learn about a method where you can make sure you’re only getting authentic pieces no matter what brand it might be.

(All images are taken from listings that appear on our site)

Our Top Autumn/Winter Fashion Collections for 2022

UNDERCOVER – Jun Takahashi: 2022 Autumn/Winter Men’s Collection (Psychophilia)

Undercover Jun Takahashi AW 2022

The first collection is from a Japanese brand, namely Undercover by Jun Takahashi. This brand is not only popular amongst the stylish young male demographic in Japan, but it’s also soughtafter amongst the menswear fashion circles internationally.

For their 2022 2022 AW Collection, classic movie fans are in for a treat — as the face of Albert Hitchcock and some stills from Hitchcock’s films feature prominently in a lot of the main pieces (you can see a clear example of this in the black hoodie in the image above).

visvim 2022 AW Collection

visvim AW 2022

Next is another Japanese brand that’s seeing the same level of popularity as Undercover — established amongst the fashion-savvy locals and also well sought-after outside of Japan: visvim. visvim’s 2022 AW Collection sees a decent amount of variety — mostly focused on winterwear more than autumn fashion, but versatile nonetheless.

Despite the collection only having been released somewhat recently, people who bought them in Japan are putting them up for sale online, making the collection an easy find at reduced prices.

Mastermind 2022 AW Collection

Mastermind AW 2022

Last but not the least, is the brand Mastermind Japan by Masaaki Honma. You’ll find everything in the collection from pants, shirts, hoodies, bomber jackets and even sneakers — thanks to their past collaboration with sneaker brand Converse, for a Mastermind x Converse mashup.

You’ll have everything you need for a head-to-toe Mastermind winter ensemble.

How to get these brand items for cheap

Buy them from Japan!

It’s especially true for the Japanese brands we included here, since they’ll be doubly cheap with the low price of the yen plus they’re easier to get in the country they originated from.

But if you happen to be new to our site and are hearing about us for the first time, then we can offer our proxy shopping service so you can get these items: One Map by FROM JAPAN. Our main service lies in making items from Japan accessible to a worldwide customers, but we’ve also started offering the option for you to import items from the USA as well!

We regularly do sales and discounts so you can time your purchase during those periods for even cheaper prices. You can find our guide to first-time users here to help you learn more about how the service works, then once you register, you’re only a few steps away ’til you’ve unlocked a whole new market for fashion you wouldn’t have been able to access otherwise!

Why are branded items cheaper on your site?

This is a question we get often, people can become dubious and disbelieve the prices listed on our site because they’re cheaper than what they expected. So to explain the reason why they’re cheap in one sentence: it’s because of the low price of the yen.

If you’re buying items from abroad and use dollars or euros as a currency for example, you’ll get much more value for each dollar or euro you use to purchase when it gets converted into yen. This causes the lower prices — even for luxury brand items — that you’ll find everywhere on our site.

The next reason is because of Japan’s thriving secondhand market. We still advise our customers to make sure they confirm and take a look at the listings on our site (especially auctions) since we can’t guarantee the authenticity of the items, but if you purchase from our FJ Fashion page, you’ll only see listings from our official partner shops whose service quality we trust. Therefore, the chance of you running into fakes is reduced drastically, plus you still get items for amazing prices.

To find something on our FJ Fashion page, simply input and search for the brand name using the search bar at the top of the page.