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Buying Mechanical Keyboards from Japan Explained

As an avid gamer, programmer, or developer, you need a reliable and comfortable mechanical keyboard. The ideal mechanical keyboard provides a more comfortable typing experience than the standard rubber dome keyboards often embedded in laptops.

If you are planning to buy a mechanical keyboard from Japan, it would be ideal to use a proxy shopping and bidding service that helps customers from around the world buy things, including gaming equipment and other awesome items.

Why would you buy a mechanical keyboard from Japan?

  • High-quality guarantee – you are guaranteed to get high-quality mechanical keyboards from Japan. Japanese products boast unique features, reliability, and technology to take your gaming experience to another level. Japanese products are also known to have premium features at affordable pricing.
  • Latest technology – The Japanese people are celebrated for their unrivaled technological prowess. These advanced technologies find their way to mechanical keyboards. The latest brands of mechanical keyboards are being launched each day, and when you get one, you benefit from genuinely immersive gaming experiences if you shop from Japan.
  • A wide variety of products – There is a wide variety of quality mechanical keyboards to choose from if you are shopping from Japan. You can either buy new or used products depending on your preference and budget. There are also thousands of Japanese exporters using online stock platforms and other portal sites where you can easily access your most preferred brand.
  • Strict testing regulations – In Japan, before products are released to the market, they are subjected to rigorous quality testing that guarantees it meets all safety standards. When you buy products from Japan, you are not only buying quality but also safe products that won’t harm you and your loved ones.
  • Low prices – You can buy high-quality premium mechanical keyboards at surprisingly low prices when you shop in Japan. When compared with the same products from different countries, Japanese mechanical keyboards are very affordable. The reason for the friendly prices is the large economy of scale for the Asian country. Japan is the third-largest economy globally and allows its manufacturers to sell their items, including mechanical keyboards, at much lower prices.
  • Detailed product descriptions – Most Japanese stores provide proper detailed descriptions of all the keyboard brands they stock. Every product has a clear and extensive description to help you make essential shopping decisions. Keyboard brands are similar and may differ slightly in some features. The shops feature transparent, concise, and quick to read product descriptions.

What mechanical keyboards can you buy from Japan?

There are several types of mechanical keyboards available for you to buy from Japan. However, when going for one, there are several considerations to make, depending on the job you intend the keyboard for. The features to look at include the speed and precision, build quality, and the typing experience it offers. The following are just a few of the best options that most Japanese shops stock:

  1. Rapoo KX Wireless Keyboard – Most mechanical keyboards are wired devices but not this brand. You will stand to benefit from the convenience of working minus wire clutter. Rapoo KX is also a premium product that comes with affordable prices.
  2. Happy Hacking Keyboard – The Happy Hacking Keyboard is ideal for professionals and other heavy computer users. The brand was first introduced into the market in 1996 by the Japanese IT company PFU Ltd, quickly gained a large following from loyal fans. Some of the keyboard’s unique features include the coupling together of several keyboard functions on one key. For example, the backspace shares the same key as the delete key.

How do you buy mechanical keyboards from Japan using FROM JAPAN?

A proxy service acts as a middleman between you and the Japanese retailers. It is the best and easiest way to buy a mechanical keyboard from Japan. Buying a mechanical keyboard using proxy services is the easy and fastest way to get your product. At FROM JAPAN, we will order items on your behalf, ship them to a warehouse in Japan, and handle the shipping process to you wherever you are in the world.

FROM JAPAN is one of the largest and most trusted proxy/ bidding service companies out there. All it takes is finding the right brand of mechanical keyboard you want to buy either from a retailer’s site or through another marketplace like Amazon Japan. Happy mechanical keyboard shopping with FROM JAPAN!