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Kobito Dukan: Catch Your Favorite Forest Dwarves from Japan

Ever stopped to wonder what mysteries could be crawling through the grass beneath your feet? If you have fond childhood memories of hunting in your backyard and neighborhood for fireflies, Never Fairies, or garden gnomes, then you’re going to love the magical world of Kobito Dukan!

What Are Kobito Dukan?

Who makes the grass rustle when there is no wind? Who folds the edge of your toilet paper into triangles? Many strange phenomena can be explained by the Kobitos’ quirks and habits. Even adult collectors cannot resist the charming fantasy, which encourages them to look around carefully in case they miss something unexpected going on in their everyday lives.

Kobito Encyclopedia

Since first made popular by the The Illustrated Book of Kobitos, published in 2006, Kobitos have encouraged children to explore nature. Today, the “Kobito dwarves” are also popular with adults as well, who perhaps find them as nostalgically creative as they are unsettling with their kimo-kawaii (or gross-cute) appearances. With a much wider adult fan base, Kobitos have expanded their merchandise to include DVDs, figurines, umbrellas, Tsum Tsum, and even a video game for the 3DS.

5 Most Popular Kobito Dukan

Over 40 Kobitos are known to inhabit the world around us, but Japanese Kobito hunters are most eager to capture these five.

5. Vibes Dapple Kobitos

Vibes Dapple Kobitos wander through parks and yards looking for tasty herbs to eat. They’re of the easy going type, enjoying music, sound, and rhythm—clapping and whistling have been known to attract them—but don’t let their carefree attitude fool you! They can be quite scary when they become angry.

4. Big Dapple Leaf Kobitos

Big Dapple Leaf Kobitos must be handled with care. Even a sudden jingling bell might cause them to faint. When frightened, they huddle facedown in the grass, holding up their trembling leaf tendrils to blend in.

3. Little Flower Head Kobitos

One of the most short-tempered and quarrelsome of the dwarves, Little Flower Head Kobitos are predators of small insects, reptiles, and mice. Because they hunt in small groups, it’s easiest to catch them all together, but be prepared for them to fight and argue over any food you offer them.

2. Stormy Black Wing Kobitos

Haunting graves and collapsed trees, and often accompanied by crows and black cats, Stormy Black Wing Kobitos fly on their feathery tendrils like an omen of bad luck. Their wild nature, dislike for cleanliness, and willingness to eat anything in sight make them a household and public menace.

1. Hiding Peach Bottom Kobitos

By far the most popular of all the Kobitos, Hiding Peach Bottom Kobitos get their name from their peach-shaped rear end, which they use to blend in with their favorite fruit. They’re a docile breed of Kobitos that love sugar and are easy to catch, but be sure to return them to the wild when they begin to ripen.

Kimo-Kawaii Kobito Dukan Merchandise

Here are 7 Kobito Dukan products that any aspiring (or long-time) Kobito fan would be proud to add to their garden of memorabilia.

Kobito Tsum Tsum

kobito tsum tsum

How high can you go? These Kobito Tsum Tsum sets challenge you to stack the little critters any way that your imagination (and gravity) can conjure. Slightly smaller than life size, they fit in the palm of your hand, allowing you to display them anywhere. Build them a cozy habitat at home to complete the look.

Kobito Plushies

kobito plushies

These Kobito plushies aren’t just soft and cuddly—they’re life-size, too! Buy a variety of plushies, then hide them around your house to surprise any guest you invite over for a visit. Kids will love their huggable nature, and adults will no doubt enjoy “hunting them down” as a part of their growing collection of hard-to-find Kobito memorabilia.

Kobito Children Alarms

Kobito personal alarm

Especially for young children, a personal alarm can be an important safety device to ward off unwanted attention. The alarms emit a high-pitched screech to warn away strangers. Kobito alarms add a fun touch, encouraging kids to stay safe while commuting to school or exploring the parks for Kobitos. The metallic clips hook easily onto any backpack, belt loop, or key ring, so you can take the Little Flower Head, the Hiding Hairball, or the popular Hiding Peach Bottom Kobito on all your adventures—and be much safer for it.

Kobito Coloring Book

kobito coloring book

Coloring books have long been a pastime of children, but, recently, they’ve been marketed toward adults, too. Whether you have a special child in your life, or are a child at heart yourself, a Kobito-themed coloring book will surely brighten your day, help you relax, and re-open your eyes to the wonders of youth.

Kobito Puzzles

kobito puzzles

These 3D puzzles encourage you to use logic and problem solving skills to help your favorite Kobito escape from its cage. While the puzzles won’t pose much of a challenge to adults, the adorable figurines are hard to pass up, and include the hard-to-catch Golden Treasure Kobito with its golden poop shaped tendril.

Kobito Umbrellas

kobito umbrella

Whether you’re trying to beat the summer heat or stay dry in a downpour, a Kobito umbrella is sure to let everyone know—rain or shine—that you are the ultimate fan. Don’t go Kobito hunting without one!

Kobito Smartphone Jack Accessories

kobito phone accessories

You take your phone everywhere you go, so why not make it uniquely you? With Kobito smartphone accessories, you can plug your favorite forest dwarves into your phone jack, or dangle them from your device, phone-strap-style. Pick a Kobito that best suits your personality and preferences, then proudly show them off at work, school, and around your neighborhood. You might just win others over to the weirdly adorable Kobito craze.

Where to Buy Kobito Dukan from Japan

Because everything shown here are pretty much Japanese exclusives, Kobito Dukan merchandise can be as hard-to-catch as wild Kobitos themselves. Fortunately, with a proxy and shipping service like FROM JAPAN, you can easily trap these wonderful Kobito products and have them delivered to your doorstep, hassle-free. Be sure to catch all this must-have merchandise before other Kobito hunters snatch ’em up!