You are currently viewing Guide to FJ Fashion & FJ Select: Get quality items from trusted Japan shops!

Guide to FJ Fashion & FJ Select: Get quality items from trusted Japan shops!

What is FJ Fashion & FJ Select?

FJ Fashion and FJ Select is a lineup of trusted and quality products that we offer to our customers. We have carefully selected and coordinated with the over 100 online stores to give you the best collection of items.

FJ Fashion items include clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, and everything in between, with both new and secondhand items. While FJ Select, on the other hand, ranges from anime merchandise, model toys, artwork, and Japanese liquor and food with low prices you’ll only get from our proxy shopping services.

What can I order?

Below, we’re introducing just a few examples of the online shops you can order directly from via our FJ Select and FJ Fashion services. We’ve also included images of real items being sold by each store so that you know what to expect.

FJ Fashion

1. Buysell Branchée


Buysell’s expert curators carefully go through thousands of items to offer a wide selection of trendy items that are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It’s the perfect store to score secondhand but great quality branded items for a fraction of the price you’ll find elsewhere.

FJ Fashion Blog - Gucci Items

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2. Trefac

Trefac offers a wide range of products, from street apparel to luxury brands at affordable prices. You might even find rare items you’ve had your eye on for a while here — if you’re lucky!

3. BookOff
Secondhand store under the popular BOOK OFF Group of stores in Japan. Their selection includes a secondhand luxury brand store, secondhand anime and pop culture merchandise store, and the store they’re most known for: secondhand manga and books along with other media items such as CDs and DVDs — all at affordable prices.

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4. Komehyo

With over 70 years of business experience, Komehyo is one of the largest secondhand department stores in Japan and has branches all over the country. They offer a wide variety of products, from high-end brands to rare items.

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FJ Select

1. Lashinbang Online

The self-proclaimed “moe convenience store”, they have everything from figures, Blu-ray/CDs, doujinshi to cosplay and over 200,000 items from Akihabara!

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2. character shop FUN
Bringing the “fun” from Tokyo through their character goods, their shop features the latest items from hundreds of thousands of anime character merch available in Japan.

3. honto

You may have heard of “honto” for the first time, but they’re actually an online bookstore that works with large Japanese bookstores such as Maruzen, Junkudo, and Bunkyodo. You can rest assured that all of the products they carry are officially manufactured by the makers of those books!

Now that you know about all the different options you have for shopping, you’re well-equipped to find any item you want. And if you’re new to our site, you can check out our Guide for First Time Users to familiarize yourself with how our proxy shopping service works.

That’s all and we hope you enjoy using FROM JAPAN!