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The Step-By-Step Guide to Buy Car Parts from Japan

When you need quality parts for imports, you need the right source and the right knowledge to find what you are looking for. Today, there are many ways to buy car parts from Japan, but you need to know what car parts you can buy and how to get them shipped. There is a lot to know before you order Japanese parts and have them shipped overseas. The following guide shows you how to buy car parts from Japan:

Benefits of Buying Parts From Japan

You probably want to know why you would want to buy your car parts from Japan. When you buy directly from Japanese manufacturers, you will not be dealing with middlemen like export freight services and the final auto parts dealer. Instead, you are getting your parts directly from the source, which greatly reduces the cost of parts you buy from Japan.

In addition, buying directly from a Japanese company will ensure that you get quality authentic auto parts. Experience proxy bidding and shopping services like FROM JAPAN allow you to browse Japanese companies and sellers to get you the best deals on new and preowned parts. This gives you many more choices for buying quality parts directly from sources in Japan, rather than the limited options that you get from local import parts dealers.

Finding the Right Car Parts From Japan

Next, if you think buying auto parts directly from Japan is right for you, you need to know what you can buy and have shipped without any problems when the parts reach customs. There are also parts that proxy shipping services cannot help you find and will not be able to ship. Some of the parts that can be imported from Japan include:

• Specialty fasteners, nuts, and bolts
• Electrical components and tuning chips
• Interior finishes and parts
• Glass, lights and plastic parts

These parts can be ordered and shipped from Japan without any problems when they reach customs, but there are others that cannot be shipped. The parts that you want to avoid buying due to customs issues include:

• Engines due to the oil and gas they use
• Transmissions due to lubricants
• Greased parts

Many shipping companies do not accept mail that contains the above items. Therefore, you want to avoid these parts and anything that may contain oil, gas, or flammable liquids. You can check FROM JAPAN’s rules and regulations to know what parts you can order and have shipped without any problems.

Finding a Service to Order Car Parts From Japan

To order your parts, you need to find an experienced proxy shopping and bidding service. These services can help you find and bid on the parts you need to get you the best deals. They also have experience in international exports and trade—so, they will know what can and cannot be shipped. Usually, proxy shopping and bidding services will not ship any parts that have liquids or hazardous materials. The proxy service will have access to the right sources to find the right parts at the lowest price. The bidding service will also be able to help with the estimated costs of shipping and import taxes when your parts arrive. Sometimes, there are also unexpected duties taxes that you need to be prepared to pay when you have your parts shipped.

Ordering Your Parts and Checking Shipping Costs

Even with the help of a good proxy service like FROM JAPAN, there are shipping and import tax costs that need to be accounted for. Therefore, you want to double-check the order and make sure that you have accounted for any extra shipping and import taxes. Often, you will be responsible for covering the import taxes when the parts reach a custom control center. You should be prepared to pay these import taxes so that the parts can leave customs to reach their final destination. This ensures that you have fewer problems with delayed shipping and the parts can get to you on time.

Ensure You Get Your Car Parts From Japan Without Problems

Since you are buying the parts internationally, you want to be sure you do not have problems. Therefore, make sure to check all the parts numbers, shipping costs, and duties taxes before your order is shipped overseas. Sometimes, cars that are sold in one market may have different parts and serial numbers, and you need to check this information before you finalize your orders.

It pays to know what you are looking for when you order car parts from Japan. The list above will give you a basic idea of the parts that you can have shipped. But, you also want to calculate costs like taxes and compare them with authorized local import parts dealers. Usually, buying your parts from a proxy service will be much more affordable than buying from local parts dealers. When you need the right parts from Japan, use an experienced proxy buying service like FROM JAPAN to ensure you get your orders without any problems.