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How to Buy BTS Japan-exclusive CDs and Merchandise

How to Buy BTS Japan-exclusive CDs and Merchandise
BTS is a K-pop band that took the world by storm and registered an enviable commercial success in Asia. The band, which was founded in 2010, went international in 2016 and has won several awards to date. But it is in Japan where the group has registered a run-away success, and this is by no means a coincidence. Japan is arguably one of the largest consumers of K-pop with plenty of CDs and merch from Korean artists that are exclusive to Japan.

K-pop band BTS is enjoying massive popularity in Japan currently. The group’s latest Japanese full album ”Face Yourself” quickly reached no.1 on the Oricon album charts, creating a massive fan base across the country. A significant number of young people in Japan now enjoy K-pop, and an exclusive Japanese full album resonates well with this young but broad group. BTS has released 6 Japanese studio albums in total to date.

Why do BTS produce Japanese albums in Japanese?

The following are distinct features of the Japanese music market that makes it quite attractive to Korean pop music groups such as the BTS K-pop group:

Huge Market

Japan offers one of the biggest music markets in the world, and loyal Japanese fans typically tend to collect items, including CDs of their favorite music stars. Typically, the Japanese market makes up a huge percentage of the Asian music market alone. Besides, the Japanese physical album market is several times the size of the Korean market.


Unlike other leading music markets where the latest popular music by teens and those in the early twenties rules the airwaves, the Japanese music charts are made up of various music genres. It is common to find a Japanese music chart with a combination of K-pop, a rock band, an animation song, classical music, and OST. There is no denying that the Japanese market is receptive to all music genres, and there are plenty of consumers from teens to 90-year-olds whose music tastes are reflected in the top Japanese music charts.

Influence of Otaku culture

Otaku is a Japanese term used to describe a person obsessed with a particular culture. This is a unique Japanese culture where fans will buy and consume everything related to a hobby or celebrity they like. Basically, this means if a Japanese fan likes a K-pop band such as the BTS, they will often buy all albums, CDs, and branding materials like t-shirts. They will also buy the same album or CD several times if it comes with different album covers or photo cards. That is not all; the fans will also happily attend all the band’s fun related events. The Otaku culture is credited for driving the enormous Japanese music market.


There is no doubt Japanese fans are some of the most loyal fans across the globe. Unlike other countries where music icons have to keep motivating fans to retain their loyalty, Japanese fans don’t lose interest or jump into other bands easily. The Japanese have a culture of sticking out with their idols for a very long time. BTS will definitely hold the clout in the Japanese music market for a very long time to come.

Concert culture

Japanese are reputed for their unique concert culture. The Japanese concert culture is in full swing with infrastructural investments such as arenas, concert halls, and stadiums. The presence of such infrastructure makes Japan such an attractive market for K-pop management companies of bands such as BTS to tour the entire country.

Why would you buy BTS CDs and merch from japan?

There are plenty of reasons why you should opt to buy BTS CDs from Japan and not anywhere else. These include:

Guaranteed High Quality

Every time you shop in japan, you are assured of getting high-quality products. The Japanese leverage on unrivaled technology in the manufacturing processes that result in products with premium features at affordable prices.

Low costs

Japan is home to high-quality premium products at surprisingly low prices. When you compare the cost of BTS and merch from other markets, Japanese products are very affordable due to the broad economy and vast music market of the Asian country that benefits from economies of scale. You will also benefit from low service fees, shipping fees, and exceptional shopping assonance when you choose to buy from Japan.

How to buy BTS items using FROM JAPAN

You can buy BTS CDs and merch from Japan using a proxy service. A proxy service acts as a middleman between you and the Japanese retailers of the BTS CDs. A proxy company like FROM JAPAN provides an excellent and convenient way to buy goods from Japan. Shopping with FROM JAPAN has never been so easy. All it takes is to follow the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Add items to the cart- Add the BTS CDs and merch to your cart from any Japanese online shop and place your order.
  2. Get a quote- Once you get a quote FROM JAPAN will confirm item prices and availability.
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  5. Once we receive your items, we will ask you to specify the shipping method and address. You will also pay for international shipping depending on the package weight.
  6. Your package will be delivered within 1 to 2 weeks to your address

Key Takeaway

At FROM JAPAN, we will order items on your behalf, ship them to a warehouse in Japan, and handle the shipping process to you wherever you are across the globe. FROM JAPAN, proxy/buying service helps customers worldwide buy things of various categories, including exceptional BTS CDS and merch. Happy BTS shopping with FROM JAPAN!