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All About The World of ‘Kawaii’ Japanese Stationery that You Don’t Want to Miss!

This blog post is guest written by one of our One Map by FROM JAPAN team members, Ariel! Enjoy!

Learn about 4 Must-Haves from the World of Cute Japanese Stationery!

When it comes to Japan, there is a word that many people might have heard: “ かわいい ” (kawaii), in Japanese, is a term used to describe something that is particularly cute!

There isn’t probably a better word to describe Japanese stationery, which has the cutest and handy stationery; items are so attractive that you will find yourself unable to resist and, in the blink of an eye, with a basket full of the cutest items you might have ever seen.

Because of the huge range of this market, it might be a little bit overwhelming when it comes to understanding the best items, so if you are just approaching the Japanese stationery world or if you would like to upgrade your collection, take a pen and a piece of paper and get ready to take notes on our favorite Japanese stationery items!

1. Erasable Pen

Erasable pens are a must-have item that will simplify your life, especially for those times in which you made a mistake while writing and could not reverse it back without leaving visible white-out marks.

But what makes an erasable pen so special? These pens’ ink can be cancelled only by a special eraser that comes with the pen (normal eraser won’t work) which makes this the (almost) perfect pen!

Pilot is a Japanese company that has a long history in this field, and one of their best product is FriXion. Their best-selling erasable pens are also available in a lot of colors and other variation (glitter, metallic, etc), another good product is also erasable marker! Trust us, once you tried them, you won’t be able to go back to use normal pens/markers!

Japanese Stationery Erasable Pens

These items can be purchased from our One Map website, simply input the keyword フリクション ペン in the search bar and make sure to look out for pens and markers that have the eraser on the top:

Japanese Stationery Erasable Pens FROM JAPAN

2. Decorative Stickers and Envelopes

The selection of decorative stickers with cute designs is infinite! Be ready to spend hours checking out these items, especially if you are into scrapbook, journal, album or any craft ideas! From 3D stickers to washi paper stickers, Japanese stationary won’t disappoint you!

Also, forget about basic white or brown envelope, Japan has the cutest design and by getting these items, your letters will reach a new level!

Japanese Stationery Decorative Stickers

Use the keyword にっぽんのかわいいシール (for stickers similar to the above) or レターセット (for letter sets) in the search bar on OneMap website, and don’t waste time: add your favorite items to the cart to get them!

Japanese Stationery Decorative Stickers FROM JAPAN

3. Notebooks, Study Cards, Post-its and More

If you are looking for a way to make your studies funnier, easier and cute, Japanese stationery might be the answer for you. Colorful post it with cute shape or stamp and study cards are for sure items that cannot miss in your study journey!

It’s common to see in Japan students on the train or on the street with their study card on hands while using any moment to study! These cards are usually used to remember words or kanji but can be used for anything (dates, formula etc)

Japanese Stationery Notebooks

Campus is a famous company specialized in Notebooks, flashcards and more and their items are very popular among japanese students. 

You can purchase these items with One Map by looking for Campus items!

4. Stamps

Last but not least, stamps are products that have been around Japan for a while. You might have already heard about 判子 (Hanko) the seal/stamp that Japanese use for “sign” important documents or in order to receive their packages.

The stamps in Japanese stationery might be different, but their selection is huge as Hanko! In fact, you will be able to find a lot of stamps such as cute stamps used for journal/diary or stamp with kanji or other designs.

Japanese Stationery Stamps

Japanese stationery is for sure on another level and now, thanks to From Japan by One Map you can also get your hands on these super kawaii items!