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Kapital – The Ultimate Guide to a new Japanese Streetwear Classic

Kapital is a Japanese clothing label based in Okayama (a hotbed of denim products). The family-owned based made a debut in 1984 and was initially started by a Karate teacher, Toshiko Hirata. In 1996, Toshikyo’s son Kiro Hirata, who is an artist-designer, joined the company.

Kapital has unique designs that incorporate some aspects of American culture. The clothes are unique and mostly disregard some aspects of pattern symmetry in the craftsmanship. The trousers and jackets’ pockets are placed in awkward places, while the buttons feature uneven and non-uniform patterns. Fiddly designs and style of the clothes make the streetwear clothes delightful and outstanding.

What are the Popular Kapital’s Pieces?

The brand produces original garments that are unparalleled with other fashion labels. It produces unique prints, touches, and style that is unmatched. The blueprint of the clothing is done by Kiro, a former apparel designer in 45RPM. Some of the common pieces in Kapital include:

Century Denim

Century Denim
Kapital uses sashiko stitching, which was used as early as the 1600s to mend clothes. The sashiko stitching is quite decorative and makes the century denims remarkably charming. Additionally, the indigo dye is used to ensure the threads have a deep color. In the manufacturing process, Kapital uses various companies in the dyeing, spinning, weaving, and finishing process. The quality of the century denim’s fabric is high-end, and its originality makes the denim have a classic and elegant appearance.

Ring Coat

Ring Coat
The craftsmanship of the ring coat is both innovative and aesthetically appealing. The outwear gives the wearer a signature look. The unusual design perfectly incorporates a rugged and military-style, peacoat button design, four extra-huge pockets, and a wrist cord. The ring coat is adjustable, and the wearer has the freedom to button using several formations.

Bandana Patchwork

Bandana Patchwork
The bandanas are inspired by ancient Japanese Ukiyo culture. Kapital has a collection of elephant bandanas with vibrant colors and unusual patterns. Some of the vintage-inspired bandanas are selvage made from a navy and lightweight material. Dying is possible with this type of bandanas enabling retention of the original hue of the product.

Kapital Hats

Kapital Hats
Kapital creates hats using distinct-edge innovation. The workwear-inspired hats are made from cotton denim and metal eyelets. The embroidery process is done with precision to ensure the crown has an amazing style. Tonal stitching of the hats is unique, making the hats have avant-garde designs.

What Makes Kapital’s Clothes Outstanding?

Kapital’s designs and styles of the pieces are unique, and encapsulation is almost impossible. A significant percentage of the vintage-inspired clothes are manufactured and processed in the Kapital’s washing and dyeing company. Some of the attributes that make Kapital outstanding include:

Originality in their Designs

Kapital breaks the mold in their clothing line designs and styles. The quirks’ touches and patterns are unmatched; all the garments are unprecedented. The unconventional clothing which incorporates ancient construction and indigo dyeing techniques are indigenous. The vintage and denim garments are matchless, and no single brand has matched prowess in producing such attires.

Whimsical Patterns and Prints

Kapital is a respected brand in the production of Japanese culture inspired designs. The indigo denim, quirky designs, and sporadic patchwork make the pieces the most charming pieces to ever feature in the market. The designer of the pieces has diversified artistic temperament to produce eccentric designs. The streetwear and workwear attires are beyond compare in terms of patterns and prints.

Unparalleled Technical Knowledge in Garment Production

1800s mending patterns inspire the stitching of the pieces of denim and other attires. The culmination of ancient history helps in producing elegant Japanese attires. The brand uses heritage techniques in the production process to ensure the designs are appealing and have an admirable workwear feel. Kiro draws various concepts on the seasonal lookbooks; the exhibitions of Kapital draw inspiration from the lookbooks.

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