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Thanko: 10 Cool Japanese Gadgets That Redefine Your USB

If there’s a company that knows how to capitalize on Japan’s reputation for bewilderingly unusual—but super convenient—gadgets, it’s Thanko. Since 2003, Thanko’s “RARE-MONO” (or “extraordinarily unusual products”) have been the talk of TV, radio, and the Internet. Once you try these weirdly cool Japanese USB gadgets, you’ll want to tell everyone about them, too! So keep reading to find out FROM JAPAN’S top 10 picks courtesy of Thanko.

Cool Japanese Gadgets for Surviving the Summer Heat

It’s never too late (or early) to prepare for the next summer heat wave. In Japan, summer is especially hot, which means many night-time festivals, warm-weather yukata, and, of course, shaved ice! But whether or not you’re in Japan, you can still keep the summer heat at bay with these “cool” Japanese USB gadgets.

USB Japanese Uchiwa Fan

USB Japanese Uchiwa Fan

Uchiwa are rigid Japanese fans especially used during summertime to beat the heat, but batting them back and forth constantly can be tiresome, and what if you need your hands free—how do you decide between staying cool and staying productive? Thanks to Thanko’s USB Japanese Uchiwa Fan, you can send natural air your way, whether you’re taking a summer snooze or working hard at your computer. Mounted leg attachments angle the air exactly where you need it; and with an electric Uchiwa fan, your summer will, literally, be a breeze.

USB Pollen Blocker

USB Pollen Blocker

Got an itch for allergies? The USB Pollen Blocker tightly shuts out unwanted particles, and, unlike traditional face masks, won’t mess up your makeup or allow pollen grains to cling to your hair. An interior fan keeps fresh air circulating at your preferred speed and stops the visor from fogging up. The yellow canvas might take some getting used to, but when you’re 99.99% pollen-free and breathing clean air again, the Pollen Blocker will be one Japanese gadget you never leave the house without.

Warm USB Gadgets for Keeping Winter Weather at Bay

Winter may be coming, but the icy chill doesn’t have to keep you bundled away indoors all season! Buy these Thanko products for a warmer winter, or give one to a friend as a unique holiday gift.

USB Hand Warmers

USB Hand Warmers

It’s hard to type with frozen fingers, but even harder to type with gloves. How can you warm up without losing precious time? Thanko’s USB Hand Warmers combine the best of both worlds with fingerless gloves and thawing heat (up to about 45 ̊C / 113 ̊F) to keep your hands comfortable and productive. And don’t worry if you get too cozy and snooze off—the gloves run on a timer and will shut off on their own, making them a safe gadget that fits any hand.

USB Take-out Coffee Cup Warmer

USB Coffee Cup Warmer

Sitting at your computer all day can be thirsty work, and in the wintertime it’s easy to get the chills when you’re not moving about. With a USB Take-out Coffee Cup Warmer, you can keep your favorite Starbucks or other name-brand beverage nice and toasty. Just plug the heater into the USB port of your laptop or PC, and your cup of coffee will be kept steaming hot for whenever you need to quench your thirst or keep the chills at bay.

USB Wrapping Cup Warmer

USB Cup Warmer

Not a take-out coffee drinker? No problem! With Thanko’s USB Wrapping Cup Warmer, you can keep any mug or bottle warm, whether you prefer tea, hot chocolate, or some mulled wine. Just plug it in and sip away. You’ll be so toasty, you might even forget it’s the middle of winter.

Cozy USB Gadgets for a Good Night’s Sleep

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to recharge you for the next day. With these gadgets, you’re sure to get eight solid hours of counting sheep.

USB Heated Inflatable Body Pillow

USB Heated Inflatable Body Pillow

Whether you get cold at night or just enjoy the sensation of snuggling, you can keep cozy with this USB Heated Inflatable Body Pillow. Designed to imitate the comfortable temperature of a human body, the gentle warmth will fill your chest with fluttery feelings and soothe you to sleep. If you’re an otaku, slip on a dakimakura of your husbando or waifu to make all your fandom dreams come true.

USB Eye Mask with Sleep Timer

USB Eye Mask with Sleep Timer

These days, it’s more and more likely that you’re clocking in excessive hours at the computer, resulting in sore muscles, tired eyes, and headaches. With this USB Eye Mask, you’ll never go to bed or step away from your computer uncomfortable and achy. Adjust the heat to three different intensities—low, medium, or high—then let the warm heated massage soothe your migraines and muscle strain for a gentle 15 to 30-minute break. The USB gadget turns itself off automatically once you’re comfortable and snoozing.

Convenient USB Gadgets for Making Life Easier

Accidents happen. But next time they do, instead of jumping on the Internet or texting a family or friend for a quick answer, you can be prepared with a Thanko USB gadget to handle whatever life throws at you.

USB Ultrasonic Cleaner

USB Ultrasonic Cleaner

You spilled soy sauce on your favorite shirt. You might be able to clean it off when you get home, but right now you’re stuck at a local sushi restaurant with friends. What do you do? Nothing… if you don’t have the USB Ultrasonic Cleaner in your purse or backpack! Just spray on a bit of detergent, and then rub away stains with the power of over 50,000 vibrations per second. Thanko says it can wipe away wine, coffee, dirt, ketchup, and more!

USB Mini Sewing Machine

USB Sewing Machine

If you’re a cosplayer, you know that sewing machines are invaluable, but they’re also bulky and require a lot of setup. Whether you’re looking to quickly mend a tear, escape the hassle (and price) of a full-size sewing machine, or need a more efficient way to complete your latest crafting project than stitching by hand, the USB Mini Sewing Machine is one Japanese gadget worth trying out for yourself. It fits snugly into any purse or bag for easy access and portability.

USB Humidifier Hairbrush

USB Humidifier Hairbrush

Keep your hair untangled and static-free with a USB Humidifier Hairbrush. Perfect for a quick touch up, simply fill the container under the brush’s lid with water and then spray away for a silky, shiny finish while you brush.

How to Buy Thanko USB Gadgets from Japan

Thanko creates all the gadgets you didn’t know you needed for making your life easier. And because they easily plug into any computer or power bank via USB port, you can keep them charged and running anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re looking to stay cool, stay warm, stay rested, or stay prepared, you can add a bit of Japanese culture to your everyday life with these 10 cool USB gadgets and more—but don’t wait around too long to purchase your favorites.

Many of Thanko’s products are already discontinued, making them rare collector’s pieces that can now only be found through online auctions. Fortunately, you can get your hands on many of Thanko’s products through FROM JAPAN—the proxy and shipping service that delivers “extraordinarily unusual” Japan-exclusive merchandise straight to your doorstep!