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Buying MiniDisc Players & MiniDiscs from Japan

Do you have MiniDisc laying around and no MiniDisc player? Or you have a player but no MiniDisc to record? Sure, some may say that the technology is dated. Still, the quality of MiniDisc is still comparable to recent audio formats and devices.

The challenge, however, is finding quality MiniDisc players. The pioneer of the technology, Sony, stopped producing MiniDisc players in 2013. Still, it is not impossible to find these devices, especially from Japan, where MiniDisc were incredibly popular during the mid-’90s and early 2000s.

Read on to find why and how you can buy MiniDisc and MiniDisc players from Japan.

Why Buy MiniDisc and MiniDisc Players from Japan

Sony was the first to develop MiniDisc technology and devices in 1992. Later, other reputable Japanese companies such as JVC and TDK adopted the technology. The portability of MiniDisc players and their superior sound quality over audiotapes lead to a quick appreciation for the technology.

The point is, there are still many people and shops in Japan with MiniDisc even though manufacturers no longer produce them. Besides, Japanese manufacturers were known for producing quality products. So, the best place to buy MiniDiscs and MiniDisc players is Japan.

What MiniDisc Players and MiniDiscs Can You Buy from Japan?

You can still buy new blank MiniDiscs from Japan. These discs are available in lengths of either 74 or 80 minutes. Additionally, they come in different colors and styling. You can even order custom printed MiniDiscs on some sites.

For MiniDiscs players, there are three types:

The type of player you need is dependent on the MiniDiscs you have and what you want to do. For instance, NetMD players can allow you to transfer music files from a MiniDisc to a computer via USB cable. Hi-MD media will only record or play on the Hi-MD player.

Where to buy MiniDisc Players and MiniDiscs Using FROM JAPAN

Sony and other electronics manufacturers have stopped producing MiniDisc players for almost a decade as better technologies overtook them. However, you can still buy blank MiniDiscs. If you’re looking to buy MiniDiscs and a MiniDisc player, the best place for you to get one is straight from the source itself – Japan!

However, many Japanese online retailers do not ship abroad or take non-Japanese payment methods. But that’s where a proxy bidding and shopping service like FROM JAPAN comes in! By using FROM JAPAN’s proxy shopping and bidding service, you can order from all-manner of Japanese sites, including online retailers such as Rakuten and auction sites like Yahoo! Auctions Japan.

How to Buy MiniDisc Players and MiniDiscs with FROM JAPAN

FROM JAPAN is a proxy shopping and bidding service where you can find MiniDiscs and MiniDisc players at affordable prices. All is you need to do is follow the following steps:

  1. Find the item you want to buy.
  2. Check the details of your item.
  3. Create an account with FROM JAPAN and copy and paste the URL of the item page into FROM JAPAN’s search bar.
  4. Hit search and complete the price quote request form.
  5. Wait for your FROM JAPAN price quote.

And there you have it! We hope you found this guide useful when it comes to buying MiniDisc Players and MiniDiscs. Happy MD shopping with FROM JAPAN!