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Quality Japanese Carpentry – What You Need To Know To Get Products From Japan

Japan is well known for the craftsmanship of high-quality woodwork and carpentry tools. If you are interested in Japanese carpentry, artisan objects, or tools for your own woodworking projects, you may want to know more about getting the materials delivered to your doorstep. Here is some information on woodworking materials that will help you understand the quality of Japanese carpentry and getting what you need from sources in Japan.

Types of Japanese carpentry and terminology

When it comes to Japanese woodworking and craftsmanship, you want to understand the terminology. These techniques for joining and creating high-quality work have been developed over thousands of years, and there are different expressions for different types of woodworking, which include:

  • Daiku – The base word for carpenter and carpentry in Japanese
  • Miyadaiku – Skilled carpentry joiners that build elaborate temples and shrines.
  • Sukiya-daiku – The carpenters that build residential homes, teahouses, and smaller everyday buildings.
  • Sashimono-shi – These are the carpenters that build furniture and cabinetry to finish the interiors of different buildings, which can include temples, homes, and businesses.

These are the different fields of Japanese carpentry, and a carpenter practices in his field of expertise for a lifetime. The different skilled carpenters may collaborate with other skilled artisans in different areas, such as a Sashimono-shi, working with a Miyadaiku to build furnishings and artisan details inside a temple or shrine.

Quality Japanese woodworking tools for your own project

If you want to start learning Japanese joints and carpentry techniques, the right tools are crucial to creating high-quality carpentry works—some of the tools that are essential for a carpenter’s toolbox include.

These are some of the different tools you need to have in your toolbox to start learning the art of Japanese carpentry. These are the different types of Japanese woodworking tools that are needed to create precision joinery and carpentry using centuries-old techniques. The right tools will make a difference when it comes to building quality woodworking projects. It is important to take into account blades and sharp objects that may have some restrictions when shipping them to your country.

Buying Japanese capentry materials, tools & woodwork with FROM JAPAN

The next step in getting started with high-quality Japanese carpentry is finding the right sources to get materials, tools, and woodwork. The best way to get the quality woodworking products from Japan is to find a reliable proxy shopping and bidding service, like FROM JAPAN. FROM JAPAN helps you gain access to popular Japanese online retailers like Rakuten and Amazon Japan, as well as Japanese auction sites like Yahoo! Auctions Japan in order to buy authentic and quality Japanese carpentry materials. See a step-by-step guide on how to order from our site below:

  1. Find the item you want to buy.
  2. Check the details of your item.
  3. Create an account with FROM JAPAN and copy and paste the URL of the item page into FROM JAPAN’s search bar.
  4. Hit search and complete the price quote request form.
  5. Wait for your FROM JAPAN price quote.

Ordering your materials and making sure you understand shipping

Due to size and shape, many items within this category are considered non-standard items for shipping. You must also check whether or not certain items can be shipped into your country before purchasing. You can check our Rules and Regulations for more information about prohibited items. You can also check about height and weight restrictions, as well as about non-standard items for shipping here.

This information will help you get the materials you need from Japan for carpentry, woodworking, or just to have quality Japanese artisan objects in your home. It can be difficult to find the high-quality woodworking materials you need, but with the help of FROM JAPAN, you will be able to get the quality products you need from Japan. For more questions about our service and fee structure check out our Usage Guide or contact our Customer Service team.