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Buying Audio Visual Equipment from Japan

Japan is one of the world’s largest and best manufacturers of electronics. Quality audiovisual appliances brands such as Panasonic, Pioneer, Onkyo, Denon, and Audio Technica all originate from Japan. Additionally, Japanese brands are still the top contenders when it comes to quality.

So, how do you buy audiovisual equipment from Japan? What are the considerations and restrictions? Read on to find out.

Benefits of buying audiovisual equipment from Japan

Of course, you can buy equipment from Japanese brands in your home country. However, buying directly from Japan is cheaper because you will not deal with a middle man. Besides, when using a proxy bidding and shopping service like FROM JAPAN, you can find whatever audiovisual equipment you are looking for at a discounted price.

A good proxy bidding and shopping service also connects you with manufacturers and authorized dealers. Buying directly from such companies ensures you get authentic equipment. Additionally, buying from Japanese companies gives you much more options than you would get from local audiovisual equipment dealers.

What audiovisual equipment can you buy from Japan?

Any equipment you would want to buy can be found in Japan:

● PA Systems
● Speakers
● Recording equipment
● Projectors
● Projector screens
● LED, LCD, and plasma screens
● DJ equipment

You can find all these types of equipment on any reputable proxy bidding service, like FROM JAPAN. Fortunately, there are not many restrictions for importing such equipment. However, you have to consider shipping limitations:

● Not all shipping methods are available for speakers, due to magnetic components.
● Due to size and weight, equipment such as large speakers, amplifiers, and PA systems might require outsourced shipping, which will be at extra cost on your part.
● Items weighing more than 30 kg or with a length/height of more than 1.5 meters, or a circumference of 3 meters and above are not covered by standard shipping.

Moreover, items such as turntables are considered “non-standard” and are therefore not covered by our Product Protection Plan. Items that are marked as “junk” are also not covered by our insurance plan. You can check our help page for more information.

So, before buying any equipment, do some research to determine the shipping options available and the costs. Importing might not be worth it if the shipping costs are way above your budget.

Additionally, there are some items that are ineligible for international shipping. For instance, you cannot import battery chargers, which you might require for your audio/visual equipment. Please check our rules and regulations for more information on prohibited items.

Buying audio/visual equipment using a proxy bidding and shopping service

When considering buying anything from abroad, global online marketplaces are the go-to option for most people. However, if you want to find quality audio/visual equipment at an affordable price, you should consider a proxy bidding and shopping service like FROM JAPAN.

Proxy bidding and shopping sites like FROM JAPAN allow you to bid on Japanese auctions sites like Yahoo! Auctions Japan and shop on popular Japanese e-tailers like Rakuten.

Another advantage of a proxy bidding service is their experience in overseas trade and shipping. The providers of these services are conversant with international import and export regulations. Therefore, they know what equipment cannot be shipped internationally.

Similarly, they know the shipping costs and import duties involved. In fact, a reputable proxy bidding site should have a shipping fee calculator to help you estimate the total cost.

Please note that you will have to cover import duty when your equipment arrives – the tax is not part of the shipping fee. You should prepare the payment of import tax in advance so that the item you purchased can get clearance from the customs center and get to you without delays.

How to buy audio/visual equipment from Japan using our proxy service

From Japan is a reputable proxy bidding service you can use to purchase audio/visual equipment from Japan successfully. Follow the following steps to buy and ship the equipment you want:

1. Search the equipment you want. You can use the categories filter to narrow down your search. Other filters include condition (used or unused), price, type of seller (store or personal), and shopping sites.
2. Add the items you want to purchase to your cart or bid on the item you want. There are three bidding options; bid, sniper bid, and buy it now.

3. Pay for Charge 1 and wait for your items to be shipped to FROM JAPAN’s warehouse.
4. Instruct your items for shipping and pay the Charge 2 invoice.
5. Wait for your items to arrive!

And that is everything you need to know about buying audio/visual equipment from Japan. At this point, you know the equipment you can ship from Japan and the restrictions and considerations to keep in mind. You also understand that buying directly from Japan guarantees authentic equipment at affordable prices. Now, all that is remaining is finding the equipment you need with FROM JAPAN.