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Japanese Item Condition Guide – Making sense of Japanese listings for pre-loved items

Whether you’re looking for pre-loved designer bags or secondhand anime merch on Japanese shopping and auction sites, it’s important to know the condition of the items you would like to purchase. Japanese sellers are normally very diligent in describing flaws and issues, and making sense of these descriptions is vital to making sure you know what you’re buying. However, understanding Japanese-language item listings can be difficult for non-Japanese speakers, even with the help of an online translator like Google Translate. To make the process of buying pre-loved items a little easier, we’ve written a guide on how to decipher Japanese item listings – enjoy!

Japanese Item Condition Basics

On any item page for a secondhand item it’s best to start by searching for the word 状態, which means “condition” in Japanese. Under this section of the listing you can find more details about the condition of the item. Marketplace apps are more likely to have a heading named “状態” with a basic description of the item’s condition and have more details in the item description. Sites that primarily deal in secondhand items will usually have a condition ranking system that may differ based on what site you are browsing. If there is any sort of damage on the item, the seller or shop will usually provide pictures that indicate the location and extent of the damage.

Japanese Item Condition Glossary

Although condition ranking systems vary site to site, there are some standardized phrases to look out for while on your pre-loved item shopping spree. Listed below are some of the key phrases that will appear on most product listings for secondhand items.

新品: Brand new – the item is in brand new condition with original tags and packaging.

未使用品: Unused – the item has never been worn or used. Clothing in this category may or may not come with the original tags.

未開封: Unopened – This label is often used for collectibles items like figures that come in a box.

未使用品に近い: Like new – the item is in near-new condition.

使用感をあまり感じない: Barely used – the item has no visible damage or wear.

やや傷や汚れあり: Used – the item has slight damage or wear. You may also see the phrase 目立った傷や汚れなし which roughly translates as “no obvious signs of damage or wear.”

傷や汚れあり: Visibly Used – the item has some damage or wear.

全体的に使用感・汚れのある商品: Well used – the item has significant damage or wear.

Other Useful Japanese Words and Phrases

Below are some other useful words and phrases pertaining to item condition that you might see in the description of the item or in the seller’s profile.

ペットあり: Has pets. Sometimes this will be written as ペット有り.

ペットなし: Does not have pets. Sometimes this will be written as ペット無し.

禁煙: Non-smoker. However few people will declare that they do smoke (喫煙), so we recommend checking the seller’s feedback before making a purchase.

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