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Best Anime Figures Scheduled for Release in Winter 2016/2017

If your New Year’s resolution is to expand your figure collection, then you’ve come to the right place! This shopping list not only represents some of best anime figures of the winter season, but also foreshadows a year of long-awaited anime franchises returning in 2017. From One-Punch Man to Fate/Stay Night, check out our top picks for winter 2016/2017!

Stronger – Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku ~Hanairogoromo~ (December 2016)

Stronger – Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku ~Hanairogoromo~

Hatsune Miku may be an international idol, but her heart always remains in Japan. From her oil-paper parasol to the pastel-brushed mural and blooming regional wildflowers at her feet, Miku showcases her country of origin with traditional charm. Her iconic twin tails fade into translucent tips, giving an airy and magical allure. Easily one of Vocaloid’s most intricate figures yet, Hanairogoromo Miku is the first in Stronger’s new Character Vocal Series, so keep an eye out for more Vocaloid idols in this line, including Kaito, Meiko, and Luka.

Alter – Fate/Grand Order: Saber Arturia Pendragon (Alter) Dress Ver. (December 2016)

Alter – Fate/Grand Order: Saber Arturia Pendragon (Alter) Dress Ver.
Unlike her armored appearance in Heaven’s Feel, this stunning and graceful Saber Alter figure captures the feminine elegance of Saber Arturia Pendragon’s incarnation in Fate/Grand Order. Deep hues of black and velvety blue in Saber Alter’s dress bring out the haunting beauty of her pale, golden eyes. One of the most ordered figures of 2016, this is one Saber collectible that absolutely shouldn’t be missed.

Nendoroid – Fire Emblem Fates: Elise (January 2017)

Nendoroid – Fire Emblem Fates: Elise
Elise, the cheerful Troubadour from popular RPG Fire Emblem Fates, looks twice as adorable as a Nendoroid. With three cute expressions, including her childish look of agitation, she’s sure to bring a smile to your face. Multiple props and effects allow you to display Elise as a Troubadour wielding her Heal staff, or a Strategist riding on her trusty steed (who is outfitted with matching pink and white frills). As the youngest child of the Nohr royal family, Elise plays an important part in the Fire Emblem Fates storyline, so don’t miss your chance to add her to your growing collection in January.

Nendoroid – Bungo Stray Dogs: Osamu Dazai (January 2017)

Nendoroid – Bungo Stray Dogs: Osamu Dazai
Armed Detective Company member Osamu Dazai is a real charmer, as you can clearly see from his various faceplates. From goofy to brash, Nendoroid Dazai carries a wide range of expressions. He comes with his favorite book, A Guide to Suicide, as well as special effect parts for times when he takes his reading a bit too seriously and tries to drown himself. Pose Dazai with his hands in his pockets or peering from behind the cover of his book to imitate some of his well-known stances from the Bungo Stray Dogs anime.

Aniplex – Fate/Grand Order: Saber Arturia Pendragon – Deluxe Edition (January 2017)

Aniplex – Fate/Grand Order: Saber Arturia Pendragon – Deluxe Edition
Releasing just in time to commemorate the Fate/Stay Night anime’s 10th anniversary, this noble homage to Saber gleams with an air of majesty. While Saber Arturia Pendragon comes in a standard edition, we strongly recommend the limited deluxe release, which includes Saber’s crown, an alternate smiling expression, a removable cape, and a stunning LED base that glows as though powered by Excalibur itself. Inspired by her appearance in the Fate/Grand Order game, this incarnation of Saber is the most regal yet and would make the perfect centerpiece to any collection.

Nendoroid – Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-: Rem (January 2017)

Nendoroid – Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-: Rem
Looking especially adorable in her Roswaal maid outfit, Rem has been carefully downsized to Nendoroid scale while keeping all her personality intact. With three faceplates to choose from, you can depict Rem at any stage of the Re:Zero story—from her cautious expression when she first meets Subaru, to her iconic slasher smile when she’s in her Oni Form. Rem’s weapon of choice, the morning star, comes with both a static chain (for mid-swing action poses) and a metallic chain for more natural poses. With Rem in your collection, you won’t need to start the new year “from zero,” so kick off January with a little help from Re:Zero’s memorable maid.

Figma – Sword Art Online II: Leafa (February 2017)

Figma – Sword Art Online II: Leafa
The adorable avatar of Kirito’s little sister, Suguha, comes to life through this posable figure of Leafa. In true Figma tradition, Leafa includes all the iconic items and expressions necessary for you to replicate your favorite scenes from Sword Art Online II—including her long sword, medallion, and articulated wings. Leafa even comes with an interchangeable hand that allows her to hold Figma Kirito’s hand, letting you recreate their famous dance scene in the anime.

Nendoroid – One-Punch Man: Tatsumaki (February 2017)

Nendoroid – One-Punch Man: Tatsumaki
True to her nickname, “Tornado of Terror,” this chibi-fied Tatsumaki is ready to unleash her ESPer abilities, with floating debris and wind-blown hair accessories to complete the look. The design of the Nendoroid stand allows her to “hover” in midair as though flying with her psychic abilities. You can also recreate Tatsumaki’s iconic standard pose with her arms stubbornly crossed as she stoically looks forward. Highly detailed from her wispy, green curls to the bellybutton imprint on her flowing dress, this figure captures all the sauciness and strength of One-Punch Man’s “sassy lost child.”

Nendoroid – Touken Ranbu -Online- Okurikara (February 2017)

Nendoroid – Touken Ranbu -Online- Okurikara
Okurikara may have “no intention of being friends,” but he’s sure to feel right at home in your figure collection—especially next to your other Touken Ranbu -Online- Nendoroids! The introverted, no-nonsense swordsman comes with an alternate upper body, allowing you to pose him with his jacket removed and his dragon tattoo on full display. Multiple expressions and parts allow you to express the full range of Okurikara’s personality, whether cool headed with his sword sheathed at his side, or fearlessly shouting with his blade held at the ready.

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