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4 Must-Have Items for a Japanese-Style Summer!

This blog post is guest written by one of our One Map by FROM JAPAN team members, Ariel! Enjoy!

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There is something special about summers in Japan that make them unforgivable. Truth is that, even if weather conditions during summer are almost unbearable due to to high humidity and temperature that reaches 35-38 degrees and more, the arrival of Japanese summer is always welcomed by Japanese people.

You might already be familiar with the symbols of Japanese summer if you know about Japanese culture or if you have watched anime as the items we are going to introduce in this article can always be found.

Japan Summer Yukata

An interesting fact about Japanese summers is that each month has a different weather and characteristic:

  • June: This month is usually associated to the rainy season (Tsuyu 梅雨 in Japanese). During this month a sea of umbrella and Teru Teru Bozu (てるてる坊主 in japanese) will pop-up all around Japan.
  • July: The rainy season will continue during this month, however the beautiful hydrangea will start blooming in beautiful shades of blue, pink and violet. Moreover, the temperature will rise and a high percentage of humidity will make them feel even hotter! (Check our blog post about Japanese hydrangea in order to find out more about this flower and our top 5 selection of best limited edition items!)
  • August: This month it’s probably one of the hottest one, however summer festivals(matsuri 祭り in japanese) and fireworks  (花火 hanabi in japanese) will make this month funnier and full of events!
  • September: Although during this month the temperature might decrease, japanese people will still be able to enjoy the last days of summer and the last festivals (祭り matsuri in japanese)!

1. Furin 風鈴 (Wind Chimes)

One of the first symbols of Japanese summer that we want to introduce is Furin, or Japanese wind chimes

Japanese says that the clear and delicate sound of Furin is able to refresh the hot days during summer.

We have selected the cutest handmade Furin: the design will make you want to purchase them and decorate your balcony and make you feel you are in Japan even when you’re not!

Japanese Wind Chimes

Other Furin design and items on One Map by FROM JAPAN can be found here!

Japanese Wind Chimes

If you would like to make your own personalized Furin or simply purchase a simple and minimal design, we suggest a clear glass Furin!

Japanese Wind Chimes

2. Yukata ゆかた

The second symbol of Japanese summers does not require words of introduction!

We have already introduced Yukata items on this blog, and we couldn’t resist checking out the new design for the summer. 

Here are our two best Yukata designs, both with bright colors and cute patterns!

Hydrangea Glassware Japan

Hydrangea Glassware Japan

Find the Yukata for you and purchase it with One Map by FROM JAPAN:

Japanese Yukata

3. Katori-Senko 蚊取り線香 (mosquito coil)

Katori-Senko 蚊取り線香 is a mosquito coil that works by burning insecticide and keep out insects in the hot japanese summers.
The traditional design is shaped as a pig (Buta 豚 in Japanese) which make this item the perfect cute accessories for every house.

Mosquito Coil Japan

If you prefer to use less space but still want cute design, our suggestion goes to these little and cute design of Katori-Senko:

Mosquito Coil Japan

4. Sensu 扇子 (folding fan)

Sensu, folding fans, is an item that you will see a lot during Japanese summers. Due to the weather and hot days, having one of these folding fans will change your day!

The choice of design is incredible and will make it difficult to decide which design to purchase, however we think that you won’t make a mistake by choosing the beautiful traditional design!

Japanese Folding Fan

Japanese Folding Fan

Whatever the item or design you choose, we hope that you will enjoy your summer!